Is Johnny Depp Dating His Lawyer: Is She is a Successful London lawyer?


Actor and musician John Christopher Depp II hails from the United States. In addition to being nominated for three Academy Awards and two BAFTA awards, he has won other honours, including a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Is Johnny Depp Dating His Lawyer

Johnny Depp has given up on his most recent romance. According to People, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor and his former London-based lawyer Joelle Rich are no longer dating.

Their breakup occurs just over two months after a source told E! News that they were dating. Rich and Depp’s representative were contacted by E! News for comment, but neither responded.

Is Johnny Depp Dating His Lawyer

Rich was a member of Depp’s legal team for his unsuccessful 2018 lawsuit against British tabloid The Sun, which he brought after the publication referred to his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard, as a “wife-beater,” a charge Depp has denied.

However, the attorney did not represent the Edward Scissorhands actor in the defamation trial against Aquaman actress in the United States earlier this year, where the jury found that Heard was accountable for defaming Depp. She received $2 million in compensatory damages, and he received $10.4 million in damages.

Rich appeared in court multiple times during the defamation trial even though she was not a member of Depp’s most recent legal team. On May 3, she was seen hugging attorney Camille Vasquez, a member of Depp’s U.S. counsel, as they stood outside the Virginia courthouse. Rich was spotted inside the courtroom two weeks later.

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Three months prior to Rich and Depp’s relationship being officially verified, Vasquez dating rumours about the Black Mass star surfaced on social media. She refuted the rumour, claiming that the internet fabricated a disturbing story.

She told People in June, “I assume it comes with the territory of being a lady just doing her job. “It’s upsetting that some sites kind of ran with it or claimed that my conversations with Johnny—whom I know and have represented for the past four and a half years—were disrespectful or unprofessional in any manner.

Is Johnny Depp Dating His Lawyer

Is She is a Successful London lawyer?

Rich, a lawyer at the London law firm Schillings, is well-known in her field. According to the corporate website, Schillings is a U.K.-based business that assists famous people in safeguarding their reputations and privacy.

Joelle’s company description read: “With more than ten years of experience in media law, she is able to astutely spot vulnerabilities to clients’ privacy and reputation, designing efficient solutions to safeguard them.”

“She recently worked with a team that publicly won a significant privacy and copyright lawsuit, thus she has a plethora of experience in libel, privacy, and copyright conflicts. Joelle is a very skilled litigator who seeks to defend her clients from unjustified intrusion in their personal or professional lives by using the law.”

According to her LinkedIn profile, Rich has been employed with Schillings for more than ten years.

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Frequently Asked Question

Does Johnny Depp have a new girlfriend?

The reality show star has reportedly been linked to a new woman, a former supermodel from Germany. Despite the fact that neither Depp nor his new girlfriend have made any public comments on their relationship, there is speculation that they are still together after a meet-cute in London. What is known about Sophie Hermann, Johnny Depp’s girlfriend?

Are Johnny Depp and Amber Heard engaged?

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are engaged! After Amber was observed earlier this week attempting to conceal a ring on her left hand, rumours regarding the couple’s relationship status began to circulate.

Who is the real Johnny Depp?

On June 9, 1963, in Owensboro, Kentucky, Johnny Depp was born. In 1984, Depp played his debut role in A Nightmare on Elm Street. Soon after, he appeared in Private Resport, Thrashin’, and Platoon. Later, in 1987, he played the lead in 21 Jump Street. He is most known for his roles in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Edward Scissorhands. Depp was nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance in Ed Wood.

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