Is Jess King Pregnant? Let’s Talk About Getting All the Details About Her Relationships!


The fitness instructor Jess King said that she and her fiancé will have a child later this year, but many people continue to wonder if she is pregnant. This article provides comprehensive information regarding Jess King’s pregnancy.

Who Exactly is Jess King?

Jessica King was a well-known professional dancer in the past. She is also a fitness instructor for “Peloton,” a company that manufactures training equipment. Jessica was born in 1985 in Myrtle Beach, where she grew up. Early on, the former dancer was exposed to fitness. Jess King’s professional career began as a dancer. Many are curious as to whether or not Jess King is pregnant. Check out Jess King’s biography first.

is jess king pregnant

Is Jess King Pregnant?

Yes. Jess King posted a photo of her pregnant belly to Instagram. During her 30-minute live house ride on May 7, she announced that she and her fiancée, Sophia Urista, were expecting a child later in the year.

In the Instagram image, Jess cradled her stomach with one hand while wearing a blue patterned outfit and an assortment of jewels. She smiled as she looked down at her stomach. Already fascinated with you, she wrote in the photo’s caption.


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Peloton Instructor Jess King Is Pregnant

Jess King announced her pregnancy while instructing a class. Jess had hinted on Instagram that the forthcoming session would be “really special,” but she wasn’t talking to the music.

She pedalled while informing riders of her news. Remember when I said I had something special in store for you? Jess asked. “Peloton, not only will these DJs and dance floors be where I will be dancing this summer, but they will also be where my kid will dance for the first time. I’m pregnant! Sophia and I cannot wait to welcome this new life and energy into our house and become mothers. My journey to fertility was not simple.”


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Is Fitness Instructor Jess King Pregnant?

Yes. Now, Jess King is pregnant. According to Pelo Buddy, although the former dancer did not elaborate during the ride, she provided additional details about her fertility quest via an Instagram Live broadcast following the ride. Jess King reportedly claimed that she endured two egg retrievals, two intrauterine insemination (IUI) treatments, and an embryo transfer before becoming pregnant. And lastly, the popular fitness teacher Jessica King is now pregnant.

Jess King Partner

The partner of Jess King is Sophia Urista. The pair became engaged in 2020. Jess’s first occupation was as a dancer. She toured as a dance instructor and was the lead in a Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil performance. In 2008, Jess was one of the top 10 finalists on “So You Think You Can Dance.” Jess was performing in a performance in New York City when the producer suggested she interview with Peloton, a new fitness company seeking teachers. Jess King accepted a post as an instructor.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jess King Expecting?

Yes. Jess King is now pregnant

Who Exactly is Jess King?

Former professional dancer Jessica King is well-known.

Who is Jess King’s Companion?

Jess King’s companion is Sophia Uristist.

How Old is Jess King

She has 37 years of age

When Did Jess King Become Engaged to Sophia Urista?

The pair became engaged in 2020.

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