Is Ikaris Dead? Is It True That Ikaris Died in Eternals? Latest Update!


Director Chloe Zhao brought an array of Hollywood superstars, including Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayak, Kumail Nanjiani, and Richard Madden, that elevated Marvel Studios’ reputation for legendary casting to a new level with Eternals. Even though Gemma Chan’s Sersi was the definitive star of the controversial film, Madden’s Ikaris was prominently featured in the advertising campaign.

Ikaris was likely emphasised by Marvel and Disney for a number of reasons. Madden’s reputation continues to rise after the completion of Game of Thrones, since he remains a frontrunner for prominent parts such as James Bond. In addition, the Superman-like aspect of the hero opens the door to an abundance of wacky blockbuster action that is certain to sell both seats and merchandise.

Despite the popularity of Richard Madden and Ikaris in the lead-up to the film’s premiere, the movie’s finale saw the death of the strong Eternal. Ikaris, overcome with remorse for attempting to thwart the plan of his fellow heroes to stop the emergence, fulfilled his Greek namesake of the man who flew too close to the sun and died.

Is It True That Ikaris Died in Eternals?

Is Ikaris dead? Shortly after the book’s publication, the author Kaz Firpo dispels any lingering doubts about Ikaris’s death by flying directly through the sun. Kaz verifies in his paper that Ikaris committed suicide because he was unable to face his family after carrying out the act.

But after playing such an important role in the first film, could Richard Madden’s Ikaris return in Eternals 2 or another next Marvel project? If this is the case, then there are three obvious ways that the popular Eternal could return.

Reanimating Ikaris

The Eternals derive their name from the fact that they are eternal and immortal Celestial creatures. The Machine, an artificial intelligence that assists the squad, resurrects fallen Eternals.

In the Marvel Studios rendition of the Eternals, resurrection was not prominent, but it might play a role in the hypothetical sequel. Gilgamesh died in the Eternals’ struggle with the Deviants. It would be remarkable if this had never occurred during the Eternals’ millennia on Earth and other planets.

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Version 2.0 of Arishem’s Ikaris

Eternals made it plain that, despite their complexity and feelings, these immortal heroes are in some ways robots – created by Arishem the Judge to aid in the evolution of life on diverse worlds so that new Celestials can emerge.

Given that Ikaris was one of Arishem’s most powerful, strongest, and, until the closing moments, most devoted creatures, it is possible that the Celestial will simply create a second version of Richard Madden’s hero.

In the sequel to Eternals, Arishem will presumably return to judge humanity and determine the fate of Earth. Since he will be relying on the Eternals’ memories, he may need to reconstruct or resurrect Ikaris in order to study and view his remembrance of human history.

Alternately, he may just construct a new Ikaris, devoid of emotion and the capacity to love, to serve as a sort of henchman for future wars and confrontations with the other Eternals.

An Ikaris Variant

The idea of an Ikaris Variant from another reality joining the MCU may seem improbable at first, but with the Multiverse’s increasing integration, who knows what the future holds? In fact, prior to the release of No Way Home, nobody anticipated that other worlds would play a role in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man trilogy.

If Marvel Studios used the Multiverse to bring Ikaris back in the Eternals sequel, it is unknown if Richard Madden would reprise his role. Tom Hiddleston portrayed many Lokis in his Disney+ series, so there’s no reason why Madden couldn’t retain his Marvel role.

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Therefore, How Will Ikaris Return?

Richard Madden’s Ikaris was a crucial component of Eternals, thus it would be surprising if Chloe Zhao and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige did not find a way to bring him back for the sequel. Examining the possibilities, the Multiverse Variant route looks somewhat improbable, whereas the resurrection route has precedent in the Eternals books, making it the most likely course of action.

Eternals 2 is likely still some time away, given that the first film has only recently been released. And as a result of the film’s mixed reception, Zhao and Marvel Studios will need to devote more time than ever to ensuring that viewers connect with the sequel.

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