Is Francesca Farago Bisexual? Who Does She Have a Relationship With Now?


Is Francesca Farago bisexual? The contestant for 2023 Perfect Match once put up a video on YouTube in which she talked about her gender and sexuality.

Canada’s Francesca Farago is a YouTuber, an internet star, and a reality TV star. People know her from movies like “Perfect Match,” “Love Is Blind,” and “Too Hot to Handle.”

The reality TV star’s personal life problems sometimes make the news. The beautiful woman once got a lot of attention for her quick relationship with Demi Sims.

Dom Gabriel, who she worked with on the show Perfect Match, has recently been linked to her. Because her love life has been so up and down, many people don’t seem to know what she is.

Is Francesca Farago Bisexual? Gender And Sexuality

Yes! Francesca Farago, who stars in a reality show, is bisexual. She is a woman, and she is not a straight person. She has been open about being gay and about who she dates.

In September 2020, Francesca shared a YouTube video in which she said she was gay. She talked about her sexuality in an open way, saying that she likes people for who they are.


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She also said she was glad to live in a culture where figuring out one’s sexuality is celebrated. “I like dating both men and women, and I’ve never been with a trans person, but I would! Like, I don’t care how you see yourself,” the star said.

Is Francesca Farago Still With Demi Sims?

Francesca Farago and Demi Sims, who was on the show “Towie,” are no longer together. The cast of Perfect Match talked about her rough breakup with Demi. They said that their love languages didn’t match up, so the relationship didn’t work out.

In a long YouTube video, the 29-year-old celebrity said that after they broke up, her ex-girlfriend deleted her, blocked her, and told her to “level London.”

Francesca says that at the start of their relationship, things moved quickly. After they had talked for three days, she asked Demi to be her girlfriend. But after she got sick with the coronavirus, things began to “go south.”

Is Francesca Farago Bisexual?

The reality star also thinks they should move in together right away. So they never went out on dates or spent time getting to know each other. After Farago got Covid, it got colder, and she almost had to go to the hospital.

The Canadian star also said that she didn’t feel supported by him when they were together. To be with Demi, Francesca moved to the UK. “I was worried and angry because I didn’t think Demi Sims was helping me,” she said. “I’m moving across the country for this person.”

In the end, their relationship ended because they had different goals and ways of showing love. “We needed and wanted different things from a relationship. It just didn’t work, and that’s okay,” Francesca said.


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Who Does Francesca Farago Have a Relationship With Now?

She is dating Jesse Sullivan right now. There were rumours that the couple had broken up, but they are still together.

Francesca Farago has also been seen making out with a few other female models and influencers. On the new dating show Perfect Match, Francesca Farago and Dom Gabriel from The Mole seemed like a good match when it came to their on-screen relationship.


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But since Damian Powers from the band Love Is Blind showed up, things have changed. Francesca and Damian have been together for a long time.

Gabriel was paired with Georgia Hassarati, which was shown in the preview for the next set of Perfect Match episodes. Fans talked about Gabriel and Farago’s relationship on social media after the switch.

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