Is Eren Dead? What Happens After Eren Dies? Updated Info


Attack on Titan has taken viewers on a variety of emotional roller coasters. We follow Eren Yeager on an incredible yet depressing adventure in which it appears that the more chapters we read, the more disturbing the information becomes.

And naturally, it begins with Eren losing both of his parents in a world where Titan attacks are commonplace. And we cannot forget that he loses a lot of loved ones throughout the course of the narrative.

However, the final chapters of the manga have been published, and Eren’s story does not end happily. Does Eren perish at the conclusion of Attack on Titan? What does his death entail for the future of the series and the rest of the Titans?

Does Eren Die in ‘Attack on Titan’?

Yes, unfortunately. Eren passes away at the conclusion of the series. Since we’ve been following his mission to revenge his parents’ death and explore the world beyond the walls from the very beginning, this may be a difficult truth for viewers to accept.

Furthermore, it is uncommon for mangakas or those who create manga to kill off the major characters. Even terrible is his manner of death. However, the series concludes in a way that makes his death feel significant in putting everything together.

At the conclusion of the manga, Mikasa, Armin, and Levi, along with other soldiers, are engaged in combat with Eren and the origin of all matter. Mikasa is eventually able to enter the mouth of Eren’s Titan form, where his actual body is revealed, and behead him.

Eren had previously averted death, and it is conceivable for members of the Titan race to fast heal and regrow entire limbs, but this time it doesn’t work.

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What Happens After Eren Dies?

Now that Eren is dead, the entire Titan race has perished. If you’re familiar with the series, you’ll know that the Titans are the Subjects of Ymir, descendants of Ymir Fritz.

She obtained the ability to transform into a Titan from the source of all matter, also known as the glistening centipede, and when she died, her soul was divided into pieces that would eventually create the many sorts of Titans.

After Eren’s death, the source of all matter evaporates, and the Titans revert to their human form. This effectively signifies the extinction of the Titan race and the conclusion of the Attack on Titan saga. Mikasa brings Eren’s head to Armin, and the two grieve together for their friend.

The manga’s final pages depict Eren’s burial beneath a tree on Paradis Island where he napped as a child. His fellow soldiers and friends pay him a visit, and Mikasa expresses a desire to see him again.

However, keep in mind that Eren would have perished regardless, albeit not as quickly. The Curse of Ymir states that none of her descendants can live longer than she did, hence all members of the Titan race can only extend their lifespan by 13 years after awakening their powers.

Even though the series has concluded, Attack on Titan is still available on Hulu.

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