Is Dagen Mcdowell Married? Let’s Talk About Getting All the Details About Her Relationships!


The renowned television personality Dagen McDowell appears to have had a considerable impact on Fox News for a number of consecutive years. However, many of her fans wonder if Dagen McDowell is married. Her life appears to be somewhat private, which raises numerous questions. Is or is Dagen McDowell married? We shall discuss a few facets of your questions and provide the answer below.

Dagen McDowell

Fox Business anchor and analyst Dagen McDowell is also a business correspondent for Fox News. Mcdowell began her financial journalism profession after graduating from Wake Forest University. She later worked for both SmartMoney magazine and Additionally, she provided financial counselling on She earned a position as a business journalist at The Fox News Channel in 2003, her next step. Later, she frequently appeared on Your World with Neil Cavuto.

Is Dagen McDowell Married?

Does Dagen McDowell have a wife? Yes, she is married to the well-known economist Jonas Max Ferris. Ferris stated that he met McDowell approximately ten years ago at Fox Station. She had a nice relationship with her spouse, and the couple always kept their relationship secret; their children were never discussed.


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What is Dagen Mcdowell’s Marital Status?

Jonas Max Ferris is a nationally regarded economic expert and financial advisor for the Fox Business Network panel. Jonas Max Ferris is well-known for his wife’s FOX television appearance. This individual was born on September 13, 1971 in Southfield, United States. Jonas Max Ferris is a personal investment advisor and a designated economist. He appears frequently on Cashin’in. He first appeared on Fox Business Network as a panellist (FBN). He is also the founder and editor of, a website that provides readers with financial article guidance. We are aware that he has published his works on and that his wife, Dagen McDowell, is a business anchor.

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Dagen McDowell Net Worth

McDowell reportedly has a net worth of $5 million, and Jonas reportedly has the same amount. The fact that Dagen McGowell is married to Jonas, despite their disparate ages and net worths, is equally significant. Ramon is a Chihuahua that Dagen and Jonas adopted. Before achieving all of this success, she worked as a dressing room attendant and as a golf course beer vendor. After completing driving lessons at age 16, she drove herself to high school and college. In addition, she became a frequent visitor at Cashi’In. Initially, she appeared on the programme as a contributor; in May 2001, it launched.

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Dagen McDowell Age

Mary Dagen McDowell is 53 years old. Born in Virginia, United States. She is the co-host of Mornings with Maria on Fox Business. She triumphed in the Cashin’ In contest in 2013, 2014, and 2015. Later in 2016, she participated as a panellist for Cavuto’s hosting of Bulls and bears. Her principal source of income comes from American anchors and analysts. Her eyes are noticeably dark brown and her hair is brown. She continues to host the Your World with Neil Cavuto programme. In addition, she broadcasts her daily show titled “Markets Now” on FBN.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fox News’ Dagen Married?

Since 2005, Dagen has been married to Jonas Max Ferris, and they appear to enjoy their union. They are a prominent pair on Fox News, and their love story is an inspiration to many.

What is Mcdowell’s Estimated Net Worth?

Dagen Mcdowell has a net worth of $5 million as an anchor for FOX Business Network.

Has Dagen Mcdowell Any Children?

The actor Dagen McDowell is married but has no children. In 2005, she wed Jonas Max Ferris, and the couple has been together ever then.

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