Is Cassie Pregnant in Euphoria? Let’s Talk About Her Pregnant!


Euphoria fans think that Nate’s baby is going to be born to Cassie, and it looks like they may be right. If you’ve been watching Euphoria season 2, Cassie and Nate’s secret relationship has probably stressed you out.

After Maddy and Nate break up, Cassie and Nate start seeing each other on their own. But it becomes clear quickly that Maddy and Nate’s relationship isn’t really over, and yet Cassie keeps sleeping with Nate behind Maddy’s back.

Cassie is always worried that Nate will leave her for Maddy, and now people think she is pregnant or is going to get pregnant to trap Nate.

Is Cassie Pregnant in Euphoria?

Why do people think that Cassie is expecting? Well, first of all, there was the scene in episode 2 where Nate fantasized about having kids with Cassie. In the scene, Sydney Sweeney even wears a fake pregnancy bump. Is this a hidden message? Then, in episode 4, Cassie throws up all over Maddy and Nate as they talk about babies.

is cassie pregnant in euphoria

Fans think that Cassie is doing to Nate what Marsha seemed to do to Cal when she found out he liked Derek. Cassie is going to try to ruin a relationship by getting pregnant. One fan wrote on Twitter, “No, because what if Cassie gets pregnant like Marsha did, and Nate gets stuck like Cal did before he can get out?”

In other words, it looks like Nate could be in the same situation as his dad.

It’s not clear if Cassie is already pregnant or if she will get pregnant later in season 2. Cassie probably wouldn’t drink on purpose if she knew she was pregnant, but she might find out in a couple of episodes and decide to keep the baby.

Sydney Sweeney just said that Alexa Demie broke her toe while filming a dramatic scene with Cassie and Maddy. What if Maddy finds out that Nate’s baby is going to be born to Cassie and that makes them fight? We should find out soon, since there are only four episodes left in season 2.

How do you feel? Is Cassie carrying Nate’s child?

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