Is Bo Burnham Married? Let Us Discuss How Long He Has Been With His Girlfriend!


Bo Burnham is a well-known comedian and actor. His new Netflix special, Bo Burnham: Inside, which he filmed and produced all by himself during the COVID-19 lockdown, is his return to comedy.

This new special gives a very personal look into Bo’s life and acts like a diary of his time in quarantine. But this is just one part of his private life. Some people are curious about his love life and want to know if Bo is married.

Are Bo Burnham and Lorene Scafaria Still Together?

Since 2013, the comedian has been dating the film director and screenwriter Lorene Scafaria. Fans have noticed that there is a big age difference between the two of them, but the two have kept most of their relationship quiet.

Bo and Lorene are 12 years apart in age, so when they started dating, Bo was 23 and Lorene was 35. Still, the fact that they aren’t the same age doesn’t seem to bother them.

Lorene is a well-known name in Hollywood, just like Bo. Bo is known for his comedy. The 2019 movie Hustlers, which she wrote and directed, got mostly good reviews, and she also wrote Hustlers and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.

Lorene has also been in movies. Her most famous role was as Lee in the horror film Coherence. She has also had small parts in other movies and worked on shorts.


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Even though they don’t talk much about their relationship, they seem happy together. The couple lives together in Los Angeles, where they have a dog they both take care of. At the end of his 2016 Netflix comedy special, Make Happy, viewers got a small look into his home life.

After the standing ovation, Bo plays one more song in the guest house of his home before leaving. The special ends when he says hello to his girlfriend and their dog.

Is Bo Burnham Married?

Lorene and Bo have been together for more than five years, but they haven’t said anything to indicate that they’re married or that they’re planning to get married. As was already said, the couple keeps many parts of their lives private, so they haven’t talked about their wedding plans in public.

Even so, it looks like the two are happy. Bo has written a post on Instagram praising the work of his partner. In 2019, he wrote a post about Hustlers in which he talked about how hard Lorene had to fight for the movie to be made.


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“I lived with the genius who made this movie while she fought to convince people that this was a movie worth making and that she should direct it,” Bo wrote in the caption of a post the weekend Hustlers came out.

“Many people told her no, that even though she wrote the script and had already made two beautiful movies, she wasn’t the right person to make this one. I guess those people now sell cream cheese or something for a living. This movie is as smart, funny, warm, and seductive as the woman who made it. I love her and I love this movie.”

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