Is Anyone from Are You the One Still Together: Where Is the Rest of the Cast Today?


With its gathering of singles and employment of a matchmaking algorithm to couple them, “Are You The One?” adds a novel twist to dating programmes. The contestants are then entrusted with identifying their ideal partner while the pairings are kept a secret from them. The group also has the chance to split a monetary prize that gets less and less valuable with each incorrect estimate. Because viewers are still interested in learning what happens to the reality stars after filming, dating reality shows continue to draw viewers long after they have aired. Here is a look at the season 5 cast of “Are You The One?” and where they are right now!

Edward “Eddie” Williams and Kam Williams

After meeting, Eddie and Kam seemed to be rather taken with one another. The rumours stated that the two might be together forever because they appeared to be in love. The couple’s discovery that they were a perfect match strengthened these presumptions. Kam, who was looking forward to a rewarding partnership, thought this was wonderful news. She soon learned, though, of Eddie’s relationship with Alicia. And although he insisted that they had simply kissed, it was later discovered that they had also shared a bed. The likelihood of a happy future was destroyed when Eddie and Kam fell out severely as a result of this infidelity.

Is Anyone from Are You the One Still Together

Eddie currently makes a living as a model and has acting experience to some extent. He views himself as an entrepreneur and lives his life independently. Kam, on the other hand, is the owner and operator of Kam Kollection, a line of cosmetic, personal care, and beauty products. She also appears to be dating Leroy Garrett, also known as RoyLee, who played her co-star in “The Challenge.”

Hayden Weaver and Carolina Duarte

Throughout their time on “Are You The One?,” Hayden and Carolina had other interests and weren’t really invested in each other. They even went to the Truth Booth with several persons, which resulted in a number of incorrect estimates. They moved into the honeymoon room after learning they were the ideal match in episode 8. However, their romance did not last.

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After the shoot, Hayden sought a connection with Gianna Hammer, another member of his cast. In August 2018, they welcomed their kid and appeared content. However, the pair officially announced their separation at the start of 2019. But their son has continued to play a big role in their life. Hayden appears to be in a new relationship right now, though it is with an unknown woman. Carolina, who is currently the owner of Blue Sky Beauty Bar, wed Cam Bruckman, an “Are You The One?” contestant, in July 2021.

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Where Is the Rest of the Cast Today?

A variety of other pairings between the participants were seen during season 5 in addition to the official partnerships. Hayden piqued Gianna Hammer’s interest throughout the entire season. They attempted to resolve their differences with their separate perfect matches, but by the time of the reunion, they were back together. They dated for a further two years, as was already mentioned, and even had a child together. They split up, nevertheless, in 2018. As a single mother today, Gianna enjoys spending time with her son August. She appears to be a Cleveland resident who creates content about fashion and lifestyle.

Is Anyone from Are You the One Still Together

In the meantime, Alicia and Eddie’s liaison developed into a committed relationship, and the couple made their relationship public after the movie was finished. Unfortunately, they were only together for a short while before having to part ways. Alicia currently works as a social media influencer and is happily dating artist Xander Maddox. In September 2021, the happy couple welcomed their first child.

When Ozzy Morales and Hannah Fugazzi started dating on the show, intrigue grew. They experienced a public backlash, nevertheless, which effectively ended their chapter. These days, they both like avoiding the public eye. Following the filming, Mike Cerasani and Casandra Martinez continued their relationship and appeared to be deeply in love. But they parted ways later. Cassandra appears to be dating a mystery man, whereas Mike wishes to keep his personal life private.

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Andre Siemers and Taylor Selfridge had a turbulent on-again, off-again romance. They ultimately chose to continue being just friends. Now, Andre is attempting to become a successful singer. Taylor is a married woman who shares custody of their daughter Mila Mae with Cory Wharton. In addition, Taylor and Ryder, Cory’s child from a prior relationship, are very close. It appeared as though Tyler O’Brien and Shannon Duffy were in a happy relationship until it abruptly and shockingly fell apart. While Shannon is happily married to her co-star from “Ex on the Beach,” Anthony Martin, Tyler now works as a model. In 2020, Shannon and Anthony welcomed a daughter

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