Is Andy Griffith Still Alive? Find Out About Andy Griffith’s Net Worth, Age, and TV Shows and Movies.


Is Andy Griffith Still Alive? If you’re not sure if Andy Griffith is still alive, you can read this article to find out. Andy Samuel Griffith was an American actor, comedian, writer, southern gospel singer, and TV producer who worked for seven decades in music and TV. Read below to find out if Andy Griffith is still alive or if he has died.

Is Andy Griffith Still Alive

Is Andy Griffith Still Alive?

In April 1983, Griffith got Guillain–Barré syndrome and was paralyzed from the knees down for seven months. This was his first major health problem. On May 9, 2000, he had four bypasses done on his heart at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia.

Griffith had a heart attack on July 3, 2012, at his home on the beach in Manteo, Roanoke Island, Dare County, North Carolina. He was 86 years old. Five hours after he died, he was buried on the island in the Griffith family cemetery.

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Andy Griffith Biography

Andy Samuel Griffith was an American actor, comedian, writer, southern gospel singer, and TV producer who worked for seven decades in music and TV. Griffith was nominated for two Tony Awards, and his roles in Elia Kazan’s films A Face in the Crowd (1957) and No Time for Sergeants (1958) made him famous. However, he is best known for playing Andy Taylor on The Andy Griffith Show and Ben Matlock on The Andy Griffith Show.

Andy Griffith Age

Griffith was born on June 1, 1926, in Mount Airy, North Carolina. He was the only child of Carl Lee Griffith and his wife, Geneva. At the time of his death, he was 86 years old. Griffith was taken care of by family until his parents could afford to buy a house.

Is Andy Griffith Still Alive

Andy Griffith TV Shows

The list of Andy Griffith TV shows is in the table below.

Year Title Role
1960 Make Room for Daddy Andy Taylor
1960–1968 The Andy Griffith Show Sheriff Andy Taylor
1966–1968 Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Andy Taylor
1968–1969 Mayberry R.F.D. Andy Taylor
1970 Headmaster Andy Thompson
1971 The New Andy Griffith Show Andy Sawyer
1972 The Mod Squad George Carter
1972 The Strangers in 7A Artie Sawyer
1972 Hawaii Five-O Arnold Lovejoy
1973 Go Ask Alice Priest
1974 Pray for the Wildcats Sam Farragut
1974 Winter Kill Sheriff Sam McNeill
1974 Savages Horton Madec
1975 Adams of Eagle Lake Sheriff Sam Adams
1976 The Bionic Woman Jack Starkey
1976 Street Killing Gus Brenner
1976 Six Characters in Search of an Author The Father
1976 Frosty’s Winter Wonderland Narrator (voice)
1977 Washington: Behind Closed Doors Esker Scott Anderson
1977 The Girl in the Empty Grave Police Chief Abel Marsh
1977 Deadly Game Police Chief Abel Marsh
1978–1979 Centennial Professor Lewis Vernor
1979 Salvage 1 Harry Broderick
1979 From Here to Eternity General Barney Slater
1979 Roots: The Next Generations Commander Robert Munroe
1980 The Yeagers Carroll Yeager
1981 Murder in Texas Ash Robinson
1982 For Lovers Only Vernon Bliss
1982 Fantasy Island Judge Roy Bean
1983 Murder in Coweta County John Wallace
1983 The Demon Murder Case Guy Harris
1984 Fatal Vision Victor Worheide
1985 Crime of Innocence Judge Julius Sullivan
1986 Diary of a Perfect Murder Ben Matlock
1986 Return to Mayberry Andy Taylor
1986 Under the Influence Noah Talbot
1986–1995 Matlock Ben Matlock / Charlie Matlock
1993 The Andy Griffith Show Reunion Himself
1994 The Gift of Love Phil Doucet
1995 Gramps Jack MacGruder
1997 Diagnosis: Murder Ben Matlock
1998 Scattering Dad Hiram
1999 A Holiday Romance Jake Peterson
2001 Dawson’s Creek Andrew Lanier
2003 The Andy Griffith Show Reunion: Back To Mayberry Himself

Andy Griffith Movies

The movies that Andy Griffith has been in are shown in the table below.

Title Released In The Year
A Face in the Crowd 1957
No Time for Sergeants 1958
Onionhead 1958
The Second Time Around 1961
Angel in My Pocket 1969
Hearts of the West 1975
Rustlers’ Rhapsody 1985
Spy Hard 1996
Daddy and Them 2001
The Very First Noel 2006(voice)
Waitress 2007
Christmas Is Here Again – Santa Claus 2007(voice)
Play the Game – Grandpa Joe 2008

What Was Andy Griffith’s Net Worth?

At the time of his death, Andy Griffith, an American actor and singer, was worth $25 million. Taking inflation into account, that is the same as about $66 million today. Griffith is probably best known for his roles in “The Andy Griffith Show” and “Matlock,” two of the most famous TV shows of all time. Andy Griffith passed away in July 2012, when he was 86 years old.

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