Is Alyssa Diaz Pregnant? Let’s Talk About Getting All the Details About Her Relationships!


With Angela Lopez pregnant with Wesley’s child, we all expected a baby bump to guest star on Season 3 of The Rookie, but is it Alyssa Diaz’s real or fake baby bump? Numerous fans adore the fact that Angela is pregnant and continues to work as a detective. It’s empowering and badass, and if Alyssa is actually pregnant, the whole thing becomes even more special.

Pregnant women should be encouraged to continue their careers, and their employers should accommodate their pregnancies. Not vice-versa. When we learned the truth about Alyssa’s possibly-real, possibly-not-real baby bump, our excitement grew.

Is Alyssa Diaz Pregnant?

Alyssa is not currently pregnant, but she was during the filming of Season 3 of The Rookie in 2020. Therefore, Angela’s pregnancy is legitimate! In response to Alyssa’s phone call informing the showrunners that she was pregnant, the writers of the show decided to include her pregnancy rather than hide it. It was effective for both the show and Alyssa.

In January 2021, series creator Alexi Hawley told Entertainment Weekly that Alyssa had recently given birth in real life.

She went on, “This season’s journey included her calling to say, “I’m pregnant,” and our response, “Great, you’re pregnant on the show.” Because it’s the year 2020 and we’re just going with the flow. I do believe, however, that her character’s arc has been a success overall.


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It adds a level of realism to her experience that she finally got the job she so desperately desired, but that she was pregnant and aware of the potential consequences if people found out.”

Alexia explained that Angela’s pregnancy was intended to resonate with working mothers and future mothers. It also raised valid concerns, such as how long a pregnant police officer can continue to work. The work is strenuous and hazardous.

“I believe it will resonate with many women in the workplace who have walked this line. It certainly adds a great deal of drama and complexity to her story. How does she manage her pregnancy at work? How does she determine when and where to tell individuals? Moreover, how long can a pregnant officer continue to engage in the physically demanding aspects of her job? We mine a lot of extremely valuable materials with her “Alexi said.

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Who Are the Children and Husband of Alyssa Diaz?

Alyssa announced in 2019 that she was engaged to her boyfriend, the singer and songwriter Gustavo Galindo. A year later, they announced that they were expecting a son. Since we can only find that Alyssa and Gustavo have been together since 2018, it is possible that their daughter is Gustavo’s child from a previous relationship.


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“2020 has been quite a ride. It began in Hawaii with an engagement and ended with the birth of our beautiful son. @alydiaz and I are overjoyed to welcome our son into the world. His older sister is also enthusiastic and content, which makes me even happier “Gustavo posted a message to Instagram.

Alyssa and her partner appear to be fairly private, so we may not hear much more from them. Congratulations to the couple, and also to Angela, a fictional character!

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