Is Alison Victoria Married? Let’s Find Out Her Dating Relationship’s Latest Update!


Alison Victoria is an influential interior designer, television presenter, and social media influencer. Luke Hoarding was once married to Alison, but they are no longer together. Since its release, the renowned actress’s film Windy City Rehab has gone viral.

Nearly 4 million people watched the premiere episode. Alison Victoria, an HGTV home remodelling star, overcomes adversity in recent episodes in order to start afresh.

She begins a new phase of her life with renewed purpose and enthusiasm. She works on remodelling and design projects in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta that are of interest.

Luke Harding and Alison Victoria Have Ended Their Relationship.

Alison Victoria and Luke Harding were married for over a decade before deciding to divorce. As their relationship deteriorated over time, they decided to separate. Luke is a professional insurance agent and has been married to Alison since 2013.

Initially, they loved one other deeply. They also have a daughter, whom they say they will continue to love despite the breakup. Luke and Alion had their first conversation via the Internet. When they first began communicating, they did so via the Internet.


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After conversing online for some time, they decided to meet in person and lived together for two years. Victoria was so fond of Harding that she purchased a home close to him so they could converse more frequently.

As they became closer, they decided to take their love to the next level by getting married. Luke did quite well in his work life. When he asked his then-girlfriend to marry him, he presented her with an expensive ring. Their wedding was a big event.

The media never portray the television celebrity and the insurance agent in a negative light. They intend to provide their young daughter with the greatest care possible. Initially, their relationship was quite healthy and romantic, but as time went, things began to go awry, and their marriage eventually ended.

What Happened Between Alison And Donovan Eckhardt?

Alison, who is well-known on HGTV, had a difficult year in 2020. When she began dating her business partner, Donovan Eckhardt, she attracted much attention. On their programme, Windy City Rehab, they discussed their relationship issues.

There were legal reasons for the couple’s separation, but there were also several more reasons, as Alison described once she had moved on with her life. Donovan later filed a lawsuit against HGTV, the firm’s parent corporation.

Victoria discussed her difficult year on a new Discovery+ chat programme hosted by Loren Ruch and Brian Balthazar. She embarrassed herself in public and then apologised. He claimed that portraying him as a terrible character on the show was unjust and constitutes defamation.

Alison told them that she was with the incorrect individual at the time. The interior designer claimed that things went awry after she began dating Alison. She stated that after they split up, she felt near to hell and it took her a while to recover.

However, their separation altered both of them. Victoria explains that they both attempted to mend their relationships through meditation, but in the end, it was irrelevant because they went separate ways.

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Does Alison Victoria Currently Have a Boyfriend?

Alison Victoria’s romantic history has always fascinated people. Fans want to know if she is back on the dating scene and if she already has a partner following the viral spread of the news that she and her husband Luke are divorcing.


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Alison is currently dating Michael Marks, the founder of Cushman & Wakefield. This demonstrates that she has moved on from her former spouse. The media still lacks complete information on when the couple began dating.

And, according to speculations, Alison dated Kenneth Wayne Johnson before she announced her relationship with Mark. She even uploaded an adorable photo of them together on Instagram with a heartfelt birthday greeting.

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