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The action-drama film Interceptor will be released in 2022. It was written by Matthew Reilly and Stuart Beattie, and Matthew Reilly will direct. In the film, Elsa Pataky and Luke Bracey appear.

It is about terrorists who intend to launch a nuclear assault against the United States using stolen missiles. When terrorists attack a remote offshore missile interceptor platform that could stop their rockets, a courageous and resourceful officer (Pataky) defends the facility.

Interceptor: Plot

The United States has two launch sites for nuclear warhead interceptors. Fort Greely in Alaska is attacked by unidentified assailants who are likely members of a terrorist organisation. Simultaneously, sixteen nuclear weapons are removed from Russian territory.

The second location is a distant platform in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Captain J. J. Collins was recently transferred to the second interceptor missile launch site. In retaliation for her reporting sexual misbehaviour by one of her superiors in a high-profile case, her military peers hazed, ridiculed, and threatened her. Thus, she was dispatched to this remote location.


Collins is part of the last line of defence after Fort Greely’s hostile capture. She is under the supervision of Lieutenant Colonel Marshall and works with Baker and Shah at the station’s command centre. Marshall and the other inhabitants of the station are murdered by a small squad of operatives lead by an ex-military intelligence soldier named Kessel.

In the command centre, only Collins, Shah, and Baker, who was struck by a stray bullet and rendered unconscious, are alive. The spies attempt to gain access to the command centre so they may disable the interceptor system and use the sixteen stolen nuclear weapons to launch an attack against the mainland United States.

However, they are denied entry and attempt to force their way in with blowtorches. Baker awakens and confesses he was working for the infiltrators the entire time. He did this because he desired a large payout and disliked individuals from other countries. He then detained Collins and Shah at gunpoint and gave control to Kessel and the other agents.

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Kessel takes control of a live broadcast and uploads his manifesto to the Internet. In it, he describes all the evil things that have occurred in the history of the United States, identifies the sixteen cities that should be destroyed, and orders the terrorist organisation to launch the nuclear weapons immediately.

Kessel implements plan B by initiating the station’s dismantlement procedure. If he is unable to seize command of the station, he intends to sink it. Shah volunteers to leap through the floor hatch to the water below and manually reengage the station’s hatches as the station begins to sink.

This will slow the sinking of the station, allowing the interceptors to launch and kill the warheads as they pass through the sky above. Shah wins, but Baker eliminates him.

Collins chooses to take a hazardous bet by hiding in the command centre and allowing Kessel, Baker, and the other henchmen to take control and disable the apparently empty command centre. Baker checks the station’s roof in an attempt to find and murder her after her ruse is successful.

Collins can silently eliminate the final villain while Kessel exits the room. Collins takes a laptop to the roof and plugs it in, aiming to launch the interceptor missiles manually using this manner. Kessel has already dispatched a Russian submarine to retrieve the team of agents.

With barely a fraction of a second remaining before the nukes would have crossed the point of interception, he finds Collins just as she successfully launches the interceptor missiles. Since his strategy failed, he engages in a battle with Collins, who beats and subdues him just as the Russian submarine surfaces. Two Russians emerge from the submarine tower, but shoot Kessel rather than Collins. The Russian captain salutes Collins before departing.

Collins recovers from her ordeal in the hospital, and the US president rewards her for her hard work with a promotion. She also receives a visit from her father, who was rescued by viewers of the live show who saw him in danger. He consoles her on Shah’s passing.

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The Interceptor Cast

Elsa Pataky portrays Captain J.J. Collins, Luke Bracey portrays Alexander Kessel, Aaron Glenane portrays Beaver Baker, and Mayen Mehta portrays Corporal Rahul Shah. Rhys Muldoon portrayed Lieut. Col. Clark Marshall. Belinda Jombwe as Ensign Washington, Marcus Johnson as General Dyson, Colin Friels as Frank Collins, and Zoe Carides as President Wallace, amongst numerous others.

Interceptor Release Date

Interceptor premiered on Netflix worldwide on June 3, 2022. Plans were planned to release the film in Australian theatres in 2021, however they did not materialise. Instead, the film received a limited theatrical release in Australia on May 26, 2022, a week before its global Netflix debut.

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