Instagram Password Reset: How to Reset Your Instagram Password if You’ve Lost Your Email or Phone Number

With 1.38 billion users, Instagram recently celebrated its tenth birthday. Because Instagram is one of the most frequently utilised social media networks, cyberattacks are always likely. According to multiple reports, Instagram user data has been hacked. As a result, it is encouraged that users reset their passwords at least once every six months.

And don’t worry if you forget your password; we have you covered. In this article, we will demonstrate how to change or reset your Instagram password on your desktop or mobile device. You can change or reset your Instagram password by following the below procedures.

How to Change Instagram’s Password on an Android or Iphone

If you want to change your Instagram password using the Instagram app on an iPhone or Android device, you must follow the steps outlined below.

  1. After opening the Instagram app, log in to your account.
  2. Tap the three horizontal bars in the profile’s upper-right corner.
  3. Tap settings and then select security.
  4. Click Password to open the authentication security settings.
  5. Enter your password from before. The following step is to input a new password and confirm it with the same password.
  6. Your password will be changed after you click “Save.”

Instagram Password Reset

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How to Change Your Instagram Password From Your Computer

Changing your Instagram password on a desktop is quite simple. This is explained in full below:

  1. Sign into your account on
  2. In the upper-right corner, click your profile picture.
  3. Select “Settings” followed by “Password Change”
  4. Enter the password that is currently in use.
  5. Now, the new password should be recorded and validated.
  6. Select the change password option once your password has been changed.

Instagram Password Reset

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When Populated, Choose Next to Trigger the Following Events:

  1. After entering your email address, you will receive an email containing a confirmation link.
  2. A confirmation link or code will be sent to the phone number you provide through SMS.
  3. After entering your username, you will be given the option of how to receive your confirmation code. There are many approaches depending on how your account was created. To receive it by SMS, touch Send SMS, and to receive it via email, tap Send Email.
  4. After obtaining the code, you must either enter it or click the confirmation link.
  5.  You can create a new password for your account by navigating to the password reset page using the confirmation link, which will direct you there.
  6. After establishing a new password and confirming it, click the checkbox in the upper-right corner.
  7. When you are completed, select the option to reset your password, and the login screen will open.
  8. You can now access your Instagram account using the same login credentials.

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How to Modify Your Instagram Password Using a Computer

  1. In case you’ve forgotten your Instagram password, the steps below will show you how to reset it from a desktop computer.
  2. Launch and then click the “Forgot your password?” option.
  3. Instagram will now prompt you to input the email address, username, or phone number used to link accounts. Enter one of them or both.
  4. After completing the form, click the Send Login Link button to obtain a link to reset your password that begins with
  5. You will then be directed to a page requiring you to enter your new password.
  6. Create and double-check a new password. Consider that your new password should comprise six characters.
  7. Select the option to reset your password, and a login screen will appear after you’re done.
  8. You may now access your Instagram account using the same credentials.

Since Instagram is a site managed by Facebook, you can access your Instagram account through Facebook. You can sign in to your Instagram account using your Facebook credentials if your Facebook account is active on your device or you know the login credentials. You merely need to navigate to the login page, click “lost password,” and then “log in with Facebook”

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