Inside Job Season 2: Release Date & Confirmation On Netflix!


We Know Everything About Inside Job Season 2

To start, Netflix’s animated sci-fi show is still going through its first adventures in the Deep State.

Sometimes, the truth is more interesting than the stories you read. And for conspiracy theorists, digging into the world around us to find a deeper truth can take the mind to places that are hard to believe, even for them. When QAnon extremists and Flat Earthers have been on social media for the last 10 years, they’ve been trying to “wake up” society and change the conversation.

In the last few years, the world has felt like a crazy circus. What comes out of all that chaos is Netflix’s new animated series called Inside Job, which asks: what if the Deep State was real?

In the first episode, Shion Takeuchi (Gravity Falls, Disenchantment), the show’s first showrunner, brought Cognito, Inc. to life, a fictitious government agency that keeps the portal to hollow earth shut and the American president in check. She let her own unique sensibilities take over, and she used her knowledge of conspiracy theories to make the show unique.

“At some point, I learned about the shadow government,” Takeuchi says. “It was mind-blowing, and it was so cool. Oh my God, what would happen if I even thought this was true? That would be very scary. So at that point, I thought I was done with this. I’m going to end this chapter now, so you can move on.”

Years later, the idea that a group of mysterious elites was in charge of the world made her feel very safe. When Shion saw this change, she kept going with the idea, with the help of Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch. Inside Job was born.

When Netflix bought Inside Job, they agreed to buy 20 episodes as part of the deal. It was split into two parts, and the first 10 episodes were released on Friday, October 22. There was already going to be a Part 2.

Inside Job Season 2: Release Date & Confirmation On Netflix!

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As Soon as Possible

Not yet, but because Netflix is adding more animated shows and because Inside Job has been so well-received, this information will probably be out in late 2021 or early 2022.

At that rate, we could see the show back in mid-to-late 2022.

Inside Job Season 2: Release Date & Confirmation On Netflix!

If So, Where Can I Find the Trailer for Inside Job: Season 2?

As the show is still new to Netflix, there isn’t yet a trailer for the next part of it. Even though the show is quick-witted and has a lot of adult humor, Inside Job has a lot of potentials to work well with other shows like BoJack Horseman and Big Mouth. Expect to see a trailer for the new episodes in late 2021 or early 2022, at the very least.

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Inside Job Season 2 Is on Netflix. What Is the Plot of the Second Season of Inside Job?

Inside Job is a show about people who try to stop bad things from happening, but at its heart, it’s about two dysfunctional families: the one you have at work, and the one you have when you’re born. When it comes to Cognito Inc., Reagan Ridley (Lizzy Caplan) is the socially awkward tech genius in charge of the group. She and her father, Rand Ridley (Josh Duhamel), have a rocky relationship at work and at home (Christian Slater).

Because of their relationship, the series as a whole has a strong foundation. It was revealed to Reagan that her father had removed a childhood memory from her brain to keep her in line. Part 1 ends with a cliffhanger that changes the power dynamic between her and her father, who has now been promoted to CEO of the business.

Inside Job Season 2: Release Date & Confirmation On Netflix!

From Here, What Will Happen?

“We have a bible that we use to describe the shadow world and all the different players in it, the conspiracies we are looking into, and how we twist them,” Takeuchi said. “There are things I can’t wait to tell everyone about in Part 2. In a show like this, you can always come up with a super weird and funny way to say “Well… this isn’t so bad after all.”

Inside Job Season 2: Release Date & Confirmation On Netflix!

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The Cast of the Second Season of Inside Job

There haven’t been any new cast members added to the second part of Inside Job yet. This is why it makes sense for new cast members to be announced in the same time frame as the details about Part 2. We think they’ll be out in late 2021 or early in 2022. They’ll be someone else. We don’t know right now.

Because of the great cast of actors and actresses in Part 1, I think this movie is going to be even better than the first one. Bobby Lee’s Dr. Andre Lee, Clark Duke‘s Brett Hand, John DiMaggio‘s half dolphin, half-man military vet Glenn Dolphmann, Tisha Campbell’s quick-witted manager of communications and manipulation Gigi, Brett Gelman’s uber-horny Magic Myc, Ron Funches’s hilarious take on Mothman, Cognito Inc.’s head of Human Resources, and Jon Da were all great.

Inside Job Season 2: Release Date & Confirmation On Netflix!

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