Ink Master Season 9: What Happened to Peck on Season 9?

Ink Master Season 9

Ink Master season 9 was the first time that tattoo artists competed for the title of “Master Shop.” But who competed and who won the season? Original Media, which is now called Truly Original, is the company that came up with the idea for Ink Master. Its first season aired on Paramount Network in 2012.

The show is run by the tattooed Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro, who also acts as a judge, along with tattoo artists Chris Nez and Oliver Peck, who are known for their work on Miami Ink. Each season, a loud group of skilled professionals compete against each other in different challenges to win money, a feature in Inked Magazine, and the much-sought-after title of “Ink Master.”

What started out as a fairly simple set-up has become more complicated over the years, especially as later seasons have focused on specific themes.

In Season 5 (Ink Master: Rivals), for example, there were competitors who had some kind of disagreement with each other. In Season 6 (Ink Master: Master Vs. Disciple: Battle of the Sexes is the name of the show’s twelfth and most popular season, in which male and female candidates compete against each other.

ink master season 9

Season 9 Was Named Ink Master

Shop Wars featured 18 of the best tattoo shops in America competing for the title of “Master Shop” and a cash prize of $200,000. Each tattoo shop was taken care of by two artists working together. The studios were divided into two groups: Rookies, who were new to the show, and Veterans, who were contestants who had been on the show before.

Katie McGowan from Season 6 and Tommy Helm, who came in second place in Season 1 and is now the star of Tattoo Nightmares, were among the veterans. Here are the shops and artists who competed in season 9 of Ink Master, from the first to be eliminated to the winner.

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Only Basilica Tattoo, Black Cobra Tattoos, and Old Town Ink made it to the season 9 finales of Ink Master. In the final round, contestants had to deal with three challenges: a six-hour live tattoo, a 35-hour dark and dim large piece, and a 35-hour large variety tattoo.

That left Aaron “Bubba” Irwin and DT Tambe, who got two shocking tattoos on their backs. One was a dark and dim pragmatist picture, and the other was a Japanese-inspired winged serpent piece. Irwin and Tambe got the title “Ink Master” for themselves, but they also got the title “Master Shop” for their studio, Old Town Ink, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

ink master season 9

The Episode Two Glimmer Challenge

With the episode two glimmer challenge, Bubba can prove himself to different craftsmen. The person who decides on Dave Navarro, Oliver Peck, and Chris Nunez finds out that the groups will mostly be tested on basics, such as drawing, line work, and hiding. They have five hours to make a plan on a white sheet that is 10 feet by 10 feet, but they can only use Post-it Notes.

It’s interesting to see how the different groups work together on this test. Erin is thrown off by the appearance of DJ Tambe, and her partner Doom Kitten is doing his best to keep her calm. They have a good relationship and seem to really bring out the best in each other. April Nicole and Dane Smith work well together at Artistic Skin Designs, too.

When April comes back on stage to comfort a worried Dane, their own relationship is a part of the game. The same can’t be said about Ulyss and Eva, the other couple in this conflict. When Ulyss gets angry that Eva called his plan “muddled,” it puts the tattoo artists at Allegory Arts in a bad spot.

Old Town Ink won in the end. The judges were very impressed with how well they used the essentials in their tiger face plan.

The Episode Two Disposal Tattoo

Like the “blaze” challenge, the “disposal” tattoo will be chosen based on its meaning. Dave Navarro finds out that the craftsmen should do an illustrative linework tattoo to see if Bubba has fixed his problems from season four.

They can only use the line needle. They can’t use tone or shadow. Since Bubba’s group won the blaze challenge, the human materials have been moved to the back of the line.

ink master season 9

After six hours of turning on and off with their partner, the experts finish their tattoos and go straight to face the people in charge. There’s a lot of talk about Old Town Ink, which used a magazine instead of a liner. Different challenges don’t think it’s fair, but all Chris Nunez gets in return is a good chuckle. He says, “I think it’s smart.”


Is Ink Master Coming Back 2022?

Tattoo artists compete in different challenges on the reality show Ink Master to show how good they are. Every week, one of the contestants is taken out of the running. The winner gets $100,000, a feature in Inked magazine, and the title.

Who Won Season 9 of Ink Master?

The winning shop got $200,000, an article in the magazine Inked, the name “Ink Master,” and the name “Master Shop.”

What Happened to Peck on Season 9 of Ink Master?

Oliver Peck said on Instagram that he won’t be a judge on “Ink Master” anymore after photos of him in blackface came out. Peck wrote in a post on Tuesday that he and the show’s producers “have decided it’s best to part ways.”


Even if the judges don’t mind, other groups may use the votes of their friends on the jury to send Old Town Ink to the bottom. Does Old Town have the worst tattoo of the episode? No way, and that makes the judges angry. Oliver Peck tells the friends on the jury that they wasted their chance to vote.

The disposal challenge is won by Creative Skin Designs for the second week in a row. The Marked Society and Tri-Cities Tattoo, who were also in the base in week one, have also joined Old Town Ink in the base. Tri-Cities Tattoo doesn’t have to go through another end round, and The Marked Society loses.

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