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Inanna Sarkis Net Worth: Which Is the Debut Film of Inanna?

Inanna Sarkis Net Worth

Inanna Sarkis is a businesswoman and a Canadian actor, YouTuber, social media celebrity, and director. She has worked on various projects throughout her career and has earned great success at a young age.

After making an appearance in the romance-drama film ‘After We Collided’ in the year 2020, Inanna Sarkis gained a significant amount of notoriety in the film business. She has played the role of Molly in this drama, and as a result, she has received a lot of praise for her performance. In addition to her work as an actress, Inanna is a YouTuber and social media sensation who has amassed an incredible fan following all over the world.

Inanna Sarkis Net Worth

Personal Life

Inanna Sarkis was born on May 15th, 1993 in the city of Hamilton, which is located in the province of Ontario, Canada. As of the year 2022, she is 29 years old. Her mother was a surgeon, and her father, Mirza Sarkis, is a dentist. Inanna was brought up in a Christian home. Inanna’s father’s name is also Mirza Sarkis. Inanna also has an older brother, although she has not provided the media with any information about him.

She graduated from Ryerson University in Hamilton with a Bachelor of Arts degree after successfully completing her studies there. Concerning the man that Inanna Sarkis is seeing, in May of 2020, she made the happy announcement that she was expecting a child with her boyfriend of three years, an American actor named Matthew Noszka. Later, on the 12th of September in the year 2020, Sarkis gave birth to a daughter who was given the name Nova Noszka.

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She began playing the piano when she was six years old, and she has had the ambition to become a social media superstar ever since she was in elementary school. After that, her parents insisted that she enroll in a conservatory so that she could receive professional training. After some time, she changed careers and began her career in acting.

Inanna Sarkis Net Worth

A Killer Walks Among Us, Inanna Sarkis’s first film, was her first attempt at directing a crime drama, and it was released in 2016. But before that, in the year 2000, she made her debut on television in the episode titled “The Tale of Many Faces” from the television series titled “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”

Aside from that, Inanna Sarkis is most well-known for the popular sketches and short films that she uploads to social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. As of the year 2022, Inanna has accumulated more than 3.80 million subscribers on the YouTube channel to which she posts daily vlogs documenting her life.

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Inanna Sarkis Net Worth

Inanna is not only one of the wealthiest YouTube stars but also one of the most popular stars on the platform. According to the findings of our investigation as well as Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Inanna Sarkis has an estimated net worth of 1.5 million dollars.


Inanna Sarkis has an affinity for leading a life of opulence, and she and her partner, Matthew Noszka, are currently leading an extravagant existence. They purchased a lovely home in Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America, the year before last, and it is situated in a neighbourhood that is known for its relative tranquility. This extravagant home features a large lawn, a kitchen with a contemporary design, a swimming pool, an office area, and a lot of other amenities.


Let’s take a look at the brand-new car that Inanna Sarkis‘ boyfriend Matthew gave to her not too long ago as a present, shall we? They purchased a “Tesla Model X,” which has a price tag of approximately $96,190.

Inanna Sarkis Net Worth


Due to the fact that Inanna Sarkis has such a sizable fan following on social media platforms, she is the first choice when it comes to the endorsement of various brands. She has used her Instagram to post endorsements for a number of different companies, for which she has been paid a significant amount of money.

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Which Is the Debut Film of Inanna Sarkis?

Inanna Sarkis made her debut in 2016 with her first crime drama film, ‘A Killer Walks Among Us.’

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