I Tried the “Glazed-doughnut” Nails That Are All Over the Internet Thanks to Hailey Bieber

My ultimate beauty and fashion inspiration is Hailey Bieber. It’s one of my favourite things to do to imitate her many hairstyles, and I’ve been known to buy quite a few new clothes just because I saw her wearing them somewhere. I am just as enamoured with her nails as I am with everything else about her. She always has the ideal shade of nail polish, which is something I have never been able to replicate no matter how many photos I show to other nail techs.

Fortunately for me, Zola Ganzorigt, who is Justin Bieber’s manicurist, just shared with POPSUGAR her go-to manicure technique that provides the perfect “glazed doughnut” impression.

“Hailey enjoys getting her nails done and has gorgeous long nail beds. She keeps her nails natural and does not use any form of extensions on her nails,” adds the insider, adding that Bieber “usually gets neutral colours and never gets just one solid colour.”

To create her one-of-a-kind hue, we always combine at least two distinct colours into the mix.” It has been said that she is particularly fond of the nail polishes OPI Bare My Soul ($21), OPI Put It in Neutral ($21), OPI Pale to the Chief ($20), and OPI Bubble Bath ($21).

The most current nail style that Bieber is obsessed with is a spin on the chrome-nail craze, but instead of choosing a vibrant colour, she prefers a sheer version of the polish (hence creating the “glazed” look).

After Ganzorigt disclosed the specific colour combination that is required to achieve it in the comfort of one’s own home, it was only natural for me to test it out for myself.

After making all of my necessary purchases online, I called a few different nail salons to inquire as to whether or not they could create the chrome appearance for me. It turned out that many establishments do not provide this service; hence, after making a number of phone calls all throughout the city, I finally located a salon that was able to perform it despite its location being a little further away from my home than usual.

As soon as I arrived at the nail shop, the technician began removing the gel that was already on my nails before beginning the process of imitating Justin Bieber’s “glazed-doughnut nails” according to the instructions outlined by Ganzorigt. The Gelish Foundation Base Gel (which costs $25) was the first step in the process. She applied a tiny layer of OPI Funny Bunny ($23), let it cure for 30 seconds, and then applied another thin layer before letting it cure again.

After that, she used the OPI Chrome Effects No Cleanse Top Coat, which costs $9, and applied it in a thin coat before letting it dry for another 30 seconds. After that, she used the application brush that came with the OPI Chrome Effects Powder in Tin Man Can ($28) to apply some of the powder to each of my nails after applying a small quantity of the powder. She concluded everything by applying the OPI Stay Shiny Top Coat, which costs twenty dollars.

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