How to Implement the Tiktok “Hot or Not Composite Images” Trend

The Hot or not composite images filter is a straightforward and speedy method for enhancing your Tiktok videos. This Tiktok is a hilarious method for determining whether or not you are attractive. People enjoy keeping up with trends and participating in them by uploading videos to social media websites.

The popular concept of Hot or Not Composite Images began to circulate on Tik Tok. People who followed this trend uploaded video collages to Tik Tok. Read the entire article to learn more about this trend and how Tik Tok users construct their “Hot or not” composite images.

What Makes Composite Images Hot Or Not?

A composite photograph consists of two or more images that have been combined to create a single photograph. Even expert graphic designers require hours to complete the process of creating a composite image, despite its apparent simplicity.

The composite picture production programme of the Attractive Face Scale does not require hours to create an image; in fact, it only takes a few seconds. The Tik Tok algorithm combines 15 images into a single image and assigns a score based on the subject’s physical attractiveness.

A person with a rating of 9.50 out of 10 may resemble x, for instance. A five out of ten may resemble a y, etc. Moreover, he examined Miss Universe’s appearance based on location and age, which is fascinating. He concluded that the faces of these women were a composite of approximately 30 authentic female faces.

He created these faces himself in order to capture the internet’s contemporary beauty standard. On the website Hot or Not, users can rate the attractiveness of others on a scale from 1 to 10. Due to the hundreds or thousands of voters, it may take a few days for the results to be revealed.

How to Implement the Tiktok “Hot or Not Composite Images” Trend

The popular social media platform Tik Tok is spawning a new trend known as “Hot Or Not Composite Images.” This trend is gaining popularity, and every TikTok user is now required to create their own video using the TikTok Hot or Not Composite Images.

This Tik Tok trend image is known as the Appealing Face Scale, and it is used to evaluate the attractiveness of a person. Using images ranging from 0 to 10, Tik Tok rates a person’s attractiveness, with 0 being the least attractive and 10 being the most. Before you can create Hot or not composite images, or any version of it, you must have a photo of multiple faces stored in the camera roll of your mobile device.

Once You Have That, Proceed With the Steps Below:

  • TikTok is now available.
  • Select “Discovery” from the menu dropdown.
  • Input “morphing” into the search box.
  • Try this effect by pressing the pink record button next to the filter in the search results.
  • Select the image from the list that you saved to your camera roll.
  • When the record button is pressed, the filter will combine your face with one of the other images’ faces.
  • Keep this in mind when participating in any of these composite image trends. This Tik Tok trend provides everyone with individualised ratings. The Attractive Face scale was developed by Pierre Tourigny. Tourigny is a Canadian statistician and photographer.

Is Your Attractiveness Determined by Hot or Not Images on Tiktok?

The software Tik Tok Hot Or Not Composite Images was developed for amusement purposes only and should not be taken seriously. Obviously, a computer-generated image cannot determine a person’s attractiveness. Therefore, the objective of this application should not be taken lightly, and if you receive a low score, do not be disheartened; instead, try again with different light settings in your photograph, which can also have an effect on the images.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of the Hot or Not Composite Images Fad

This is one of the simpler tasks, and it may satisfy your needs as a content developer by captivating the audience. It could help you gain a large audience and prominence. This trend enables individuals to now create their own videos. They can also evaluate their attractiveness from the perspective of their supporters and detractors.

Even data from other social media platforms can be used by influencers to determine their target audiences. Even though the Hot or not composite images trend appears to be a harmless pastime, some people may take offence and view it as a serious issue. This also serves a fictitious purpose in relation to social media and unattainable aesthetic standards.

The criteria for judging an individual’s self-worth or facial attractiveness are anonymous ratings when individuals begin to use phoney images to enhance the appearance of their photographs. This could be interpreted as a problem among adolescents and during periods of increased mental health awareness.

How to Use the Trend “Hot or Not”

Using this filter, you may upload any video to Tiktok. Filters, which are a collection of many effects, are used to create composite images that are either hot or not.

Hot or Not Composite Photographs

For this trend, you should post your video using the following method:

  • Download this image by clicking the link above.
  • Launch the Tiktok programme.
  • You will find a link to these popular trending videos of this effect if you navigate to effects.
  • Choose a video or scroll to the bottom of the page to activate the effect.
  • Then, you will view the available images, select one, and record your video with the filter applied.
    This scale will be used by your friends to rate your video.
  • Numerous individuals employ this strategy to attract the attention of other users and make their videos go viral.
  • Many individuals want their videos to receive more likes and followers. This Hot or not composite images challenge is also utilised by a number of businesses to generate leads and promote brand recognition.

Find out if the composite images are hot or cold: There are a number of locations where you can obtain hot or cold composite images to increase the appeal and interest of your films among viewers. You can locate a variety of Hot or not composite images by conducting a Google search and then browsing the image section.

The Hot or Not Composite Challenge is Not Without Its Drawbacks.

  • Numerous people unwittingly abuse the trend and undermine its purpose.
  • Due to a few pixels, the composite images of hot or not are fuzzy.
  • This has led to unfavourable results.
  • As a result of this trend, some people have become self-conscious.
  • People were confused when ranking from 1 to 10 as a result of blurry images.


“Hot or not” composite images are currently popular on Tiktok. As it is a novel and entertaining way to receive humorous comments and other people’s opinions on your appearance. To attract attention to their work, numerous individuals have begun to compare their materials to the filters. This tendency repels many individuals because it undermines their self-esteem.

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