How to fix windows 10 inaccessible boot device in 2022

Windows 10 – a polished operating system that is priorly meant to suit an enormous variety of users. But, every good thing has some bad side too. There are some common errors that you might face while using Windows 10. One of them is the Inaccessible Boot Device error.

You have experienced this too, right?

Well, I want to tell you that this error usually occurs after a Windows 10 upgrade, anniversary update, or Windows 10 reset. This commonly displays a “blue screen of death” (BSOD) error with the code 0x0000007b.

What is inaccessible_boot_device windows 10?

Being tech enthusiasts, you all must be aware of the fact that windows update itself automatically. This really seems exciting and arises extreme curiosity to know what’s new is coming.

However, this auto-update could create some obstacles for you for a short period.

Keep on reading to find out what the cause of the inaccessible boot device is and how we can easily fix the error code 0x0000007b.

What causes an inaccessible boot device?

There may be one of the below reasons that you are facing inaccessible boot device error in your Windows 10:

  • Corrupted, outdated, or inaccurately configured drivers
  • An impaired hard disc
  • Malware
  • Hardware confrontations resulting from system updates or changes

How to repair inaccessible boot devices in windows 10?

Key 1: Remove your Recently Installed Packages

With my experience, I am sharing some solutions to troubleshoot the accessible boot device error in your Windows 10. So, let’s quickly explore the solutions that will fix that nasty blue screen on your Windows 10:

When you allow Windows to automatically install packages, it will always install the packages without any notification. So, you can always check if your Windows recently installed any packages and that might be the reason for the blue screen of death (BSOD) error.

Now, obviously, you need to uninstall recently installed packages one by one.

Save all your work and follow the steps below:

  1. Check properly if your machine is completely off. Now, press the power button to turn on your computer.
  2. Press the power button for 5 seconds and make sure this automatically shuts down. Now, you need to repeat this process more than two times and then, you will see ‘preparing automatic repair’ appear on your computer screen.

(Skip this step if preparing an automatic repair screen appears in the first attempt).

  1. After the windows diagnosis gets completed, click on the advanced options. This will open the windows recovery environment screen.
  2. Press the troubleshoot option and pick advanced options on the troubleshooting screen.
  3. Select the command prompt.

How to fix inaccessible boot device windows 10 command prompt?

By following the above process, your system will restart and boot itself into the Command Prompt.

Now, let’s implement the command prompt method step by step:

  1. If your Windows 10 is installed in the drive C folder, type dir c: and press Enter.
  2. Run DISM / Image: C:\/ Get-Packages
    With this step, a list of installed packages will appear on your screen.
  3. Uninstall the most recent package by entering dism.exe /image:c:\ /remove-package /[package name].
  4. Before this step, note down the package identity aka the package name that you jotted down in the preceding step.
  5. After uninstalling the packages, you are required to reboot the computer.
  6. Finally, you can check if the BSOD error has been successfully removed.

In case, the error is still there, try to uninstall the other recent packages with the same steps mentioned above.

Key 2: Update Your Drivers

You know that the drivers are the tools that enable Windows 10 to correctly use the hardware. But, do you know the fact that the drivers that are outdated are not consistent with an updated version of Windows 10. Therefore, these drivers may be responsible for causing all sorts of hitches, including that blue screen hitch. 

Simply, you are required to update the drivers in order to avoid these kinds of errors.

Update the outdated driver by:

  • Visiting hardware manufacturer’s official website > finding latest drivers > downloading them.
  • In most cases, controller drivers like IDE ATA/SATA are responsible to cause this boot device problem. Therefore, updating to the latest version will fix this error.

Key 3: Enable Toggle AHCI Mode Value in BIOS

As per the sources, enabling AHCI mode can instantly fix the inaccessible boot device error in Windows 10.

However, the sizes of the BIOS menu differ, there is no single explanation that can suit all the sizes for once.

Generally, you can follow the below process:

  1. Press escapedelete, or the function keys and enter the BIOS during boot.
  2. Go to the advanced options menu.
  3. Search for set AHCI mode.
  4. Now, enable the value.


Now, you are provided with the best ways of fixing the inaccessible boot device error in your Windows 10. Hopefully one of the above methods will be helpful for you to get rid of that blue screen hitch.

Try the process and let us know about your experience in the comment box.

In case, if you are still stuck somewhere or want to know something you can send your query below.

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