How Old Was Tom Cruise in the First Top Gun? What is the Net Worth of Tom Cruise?


Tom Cruise recently promoted his next Top Gun picture during the Queen’s commemoration of her Platinum Jubilee. However, how old was he when the first film was released?

Top Gun: Maverick was scheduled to be released in 2019, however COVID-19 delayed its release until 2022. As the film was about to hit theatres, Cruise did not shy away from discussing it further during his latest presentation.

The film is scheduled for release on May 24, and with only a few days left until its debut, people are eager to see what it has to offer.

How Old Was Tom Cruise When the First Version of Top Fun Was Released?

Tom, who is now 59 years old, was 24 years old in 1986 when the original Top Gun was released. In fact, it was one of the films that helped make Cruise a household brand in Hollywood.


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When it originally debuted in theatres, the film was able to captivate a large audience. Fans still adored it as much as they did years ago. In 2021, Paramount re-released the films to pay homage to the legacy they had left behind.

Undoubtedly, there were a number of individuals who visited the theatres solely to view the film again. Now that a sequel is forthcoming, folks are eager to know what is in store for them.

What We Know About the Movie

Cruise is already eager for fans to view the film, and the actor stated that he has exerted great effort to ensure that they will not be disappointed.

As usual, Cruise performed all of his stunts for this film by himself. In reality, he piloted a fighter jet as well as helicopters.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer revealed to Empire that Tom would first pilot an F-18 Super Hornet. However, the United States Navy did not permit this since it appeared to be too dangerous. While Cruise performs his own stunts, Jerry confirmed that the star was accompanied by a skilled pilot.

The Actor Discusses the Next Film.

According to Daily Mail, the actor discussed his future film in an interview with Phillip Schofield and Julie Etchingham during the festive evening.

He stated, “Every picture I produce is significant, but this one has been anticipated for decades. I had been pondering “what could I do?” for decades.

The actor acknowledged that filming Top Gun was “emotional” for him, but said that he was just doing it for the fans.

What is the Net Worth of Tom Cruise?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Cruise is one of the wealthiest actors in Hollywood, with an estimated net worth of $600 million.

Forbes Magazine ranked him as the fourth best paid actor with an average income of $53 million, and his fifth Mission Impossible film grossed $2.8 billion worldwide.

According to TMZ, Cruise pays $400,000 in child support for Suri, his youngest daughter.

According to Screenrant, he was paid a cool $13 million to reprise his part in the most recent Top Gun film.

What Height is Tom Cruise?

Cruise is 5 feet 7 inches tall, or 1.7 metres.

In a 2011 interview, the actor revealed he felt “very self-conscious about his height.”

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Which Are Tom Cruise’s Finest Films?

To date, the actor has appeared in 39 films.

Among his most well-known films are the following:

Top Gun, 1986

Top Gun was released in 1986 and was an instant smash, catapulting Tom Cruise to international celebrity for his portrayal of Lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell.

It was a worldwide hit, grossing $367 million at the movie office.

Since 1996, Mission Impossible films have been produced.

Cruise has portrayed agent Ethan Hunt in six Mission Impossible films, with two more instalments planned.

The first film was released in 1996 alongside its iconic theme song.

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, Part One is scheduled for release in 2023.

2002’s Minority Report

In Stephen Spielberg’s futuristic dystopian thriller, Tom Cruise portrayed police chief John Anderton.

2005’s War of the Worlds

In 2005, the actor portrayed father Ray Ferier in this version of a science fiction story by H. G. Wells.

With over $600 million, War of the Worlds is Cruise’s fourth highest grossing picture.

Rogue Nation, the fifth Mission Impossible film, was Cruise’s highest-earning film, grossing $2.8 billion at box offices worldwide.

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Why Was Nicole Kidman Excluded From Tom Cruise’s Homage in Cannes?

Cruise was stunned at the Cannes Film Festival with an honorary Palme d’Or.

One person was conspicuously absent from the homage to the Hollywood actor, which featured excerpts from many of his works.

Cruise’s ex-wife Nicole Kidman, with whom he co-starred in three films, was omitted from the montage, despite the fact that the films in which they co-starred were included.

After marrying on the set of Days of Thunder, the couple went on to star in Far and Away and Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrick.

However, although snippets from these films were shown during Cruise’s homage, none of the moments featured Cruise or Kidman.


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Dustin Hoffman (Rain Man), Kristen Dunst (Interview With the Vampire), Renée Zellweger (Jerry Maguire), and Cruise’s ex-girlfriend Penelope Cruz (Vanilla Sky) also made the cut.

As the actor accepted his medal, he earned a standing ovation from the audience.

In 2001, Cruise filed for a divorce from Kidman, citing irreconcilable differences.

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