How Old Was Jesus When He Was Crucified: How Do We Determine Jesus’ Age?


Many individuals may start to have questions about some of the less well-known details of Jesus’ life as Easter draws closer. We enquire about his appearance, the clothes he wore, his height, and the meals he consumed. These are understandable concerns that we might have as we reflect on Jesus’ humanity, particularly as we get closer to the day of his death.

We frequently ask this question because we want to compare its worth to our own lives. When Jesus passed away, how old was he? Was he a child? He seemed ancient. Was he still in his prime? Was he frail due to old age and the worries of a long life? It is beneficial for us to be able to relate to Jesus at this time in some way. As we reflect on our own mortality, his humanity cries out to us from the threshold of death.

In these times, never lose sight of the resurrection. Additionally yours, it is yours. Jesus was thought to have been around 33 years old when he was crucified, according to scholars.

How Old Was Jesus When He Was Crucified

How Do We Determine Jesus’ Age?

Jesus’ age at the time of his death is not specifically mentioned in any verses. We do, however, have verses that specify his age at the time of key accomplishments and the cultural norms of his religious group regarding defining moments in a person’s life.

When he began his ministry and how long he continued in it after his death are the details to watch out for as they relate to his passing. Before that, we need to know the date of his birth. According to estimates, that would be between four and zero BC. According to Luke 3:23, Jesus began his public ministry when he was about thirty years old (26–30 AD) and continued it for three years, putting the date of his death between 29–33 AD. Jesus would have also celebrated his circumcision, Temple redemption, Bar Mitzvah, and achieving majority age, among other significant life events (20 years old).

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What Were Some Milestones in Jesus’ Childhood?

When trying to estimate Jesus’ age, we must take into account what Hebrews 4:15 says about him. He was a sinless man. His Jewish background implied that he was perfect in the sense of the Law of Moses.

If he met all the requirements of the community life prescribed by the Law of Moses, then he was perfect in that sense. This implies that if we pay close attention, we can trace some of his life’s significant turning points and then create a rough timeline for his existence. The ones found in the Scriptures are as follows:

8-day-old infant circumcision (Luke 2:21). The Mosaic Law mandated that all males do this. The mark of God’s covenant with Abraham is circumcision, which also initiates a male child into the Jewish faith and serves as a symbol of the promise. A boy cannot belong to this religious community without ritual circumcision.

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Temple performance (Luke 2:22). This was carried out during the purifying rite forty days after birth. This served a variety of functions. The ceremony that declared the kid (Jesus) clean after coming into contact with his mother’s blood after birthing was the first to take place. This was the ceremony that declared Mary, the mother, to be ritually clean following the uncleanness brought on by childbirth. This also served as the redemptive ceremony because Jesus was the firstborn male. As all firstborn male kids (human or otherwise) are owed to the Temple, in this case, the firstborn male was purchased by the family through sacrifice (redemption).

We can infer that Jesus’ family remained in Bethlehem for two years after his birth as well. Although Jesus was born in a stable, it is likely that the family had migrated to another location by the time he was born.

How Old Was Jesus When He Was Crucified

How Old Was Jesus When He Began His Ministry?

When Jesus turned thirty, he would have started his ministry. He started his ministry when he was around thirty years old, according to Luke 3:23. He would have needed a pedigree that permitted him to teach in the Jerusalem Temple district if he wanted to do so.

His mother, Mary, was related to Elizabeth, who Luke 1:5 identified as the daughter of Aaron. This establishes Jesus’ ancestry as qualified for the teaching position he held when he went to the Temple. Numbers 4:3 specifies the age at which a man may begin his full ministry in the Jewish priesthood at thirty years old.

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The beginning of Jesus’ ministry is marked by a number of events in the Gospel of Luke. He was immersed (Luke 3:21), tested (Luke 4:1–12), engaged in practise (Luke 4:14), and gave a sermon in the synagogue (Luke 4:14). This sequence of landmarks and occasions is significant on a number of levels.

Jesus was thirty-three years old when he died on the cross, which would make him appear to be an older man than his contemporaries. However, among people that reached the age of five, they had an average life-expectancy of 56 years, according to JP Griffin for the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. He truly gave his life without considering how much of it he had left on the Earth.

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