How Old Was Carl When He Died? What Episode Carl Dies Walking Dead?


On AMC’s The Walking Dead, Carl’s age has been a matter of discussion for years. At age 10, the actor who portrayed the child of the zombie apocalypse began working on the show. In Season 8, Chandler Riggs is eighteen years old.

Riggs, who recently graduated from high school, has aged substantially since assuming the identity of Carl Grimes. There was never a particular age assigned to the character during the show, but many felt he was between 10 and 12 years old at the beginning of the series.

Also neglected officially is the passage of time since The Walking Dead’s debut episode aired in 2010. Inferring how long these characters have been surviving in the apocalypse from the events of the series is possible, however.

Lori Grimes became pregnant in the first season and gave birth in the third season. Her passing was followed by some time before the midseason break of Season 3. This permits approximately one year to have transpired between the debut episode of The Walking Dead and the midseason finale of Season 3.

Between seasons 3 and 4, a number of months had transpired. In the weeks that followed the attack on the jail by the governor, the inmates were plagued by illnesses and diseases. The expected total is around 18 months from the beginning of the show.


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In the second half of Season 4, the group disperses and travels to Terminus. There is no predetermined duration for the voyage, which was recounted from multiple perspectives as the groups struggled to rejoin and urgently sought refuge. The hunt for Terminus lasted at most a few of months, but it’s hard to envision the gang living this long on the road given their conditions, therefore the entire voyage and the escape from Terminus are described as lasting only a few weeks.

After Terminus, the gang resumes its travels. This time, Alexandria is their destination. The long trek from Atlanta to Virginia falls under the same banner as the hunt for and escape from Terminus, but Rick provides a more specific claim at one point: “It’s been three weeks since Atlanta.”

From Season 1 through Season 5 of The Walking Dead, it appears that almost two years passed.

However, Season 6 introduced a time jump that looked to have aged Baby Judith by nearly a year and gave Carl’s severely injured eye socket sufficient time to heal. It is safe to assume that another year has passed by the end of the season.

Approximately three years will have passed since Episode 1×01 before Season 7 begins. However, Season 7 took occur over a maximum of one month. Dispersed narration revealed multiple plots occurring simultaneously.

Carl Grimes’ age in the AMC series is presumed to be between 13 and 17 years old, based on a rounded estimate of 3.5 years passing since The Walking Dead premiered and a 10- to 12-year-old character.

In the Walking Dead, What Happened to Carl?

Carl passed away at the middle of season eight of The Walking Dead. He had been trekking into the woods in search of a man he had met at a petrol station earlier in the series. Carl made the decision to return Siddiq (Avi Nash) to Alexandria. Nevertheless, as revealed in a flashback scene from season eight, the two encountered a small gang of Walkers.

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How Did Carl Die?

Carl was bitten in the chest, but he concealed the wound while his father, Rick (Andrew Lincoln), prepared for battle against the Saviors. However, Carl was quickly overpowered by the bite’s effects as he sought cover from Negan in the Alexandria sewers. Rick and Michonne (Danai Guria) locate Carl in his final moments and know he must die in order to prevent reanimation. While his father was still in shock, Carl told Michonne, “I must do this myself.”

Carl then expressed his love for Michonne and Rick before they abandoned him with a gun beneath Alexandria. Rick and Michonne are standing outside the sewer when a gunshot confirms Carl’s suicide in a tragic scene. Thus, Carl’s death was due to suicide, while some The Walking Dead fans blame Siddiq.

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Why Did Carl Die, and Why Did Chandler Riggs Quit the Role?

According to Riggs’ father, the decision to kill off Carl was made by the authors, not the actor.

“Just to clear once and for all: Chandler did not want to quit the show,” Riggs’ father said on Facebook in a comment that has since been deleted.

Additionally, he added that the actor was “devastated” to hear of his departure. Following the broadcast of his final moments, Riggs addressed his departure.

At San Jose Fan Fest, the TWD actor stated: “Not only did Carl die, but I also left the show and moved on to other things.


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“It was significant for the cast and crew and for me personally to leave the show; it was a big event for all of us.

“Yeah, it sucked, and there were many long days, but I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, my performances, and how I left the show.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Did Carl Decide to Quit the Walking Dead?

Chandler Riggs refuted rumours that he had quit the programme to focus on his education by saying that he had not made the decision to depart. He stated, “I’m currently taking a gap year to focus on acting for a time.”

Who Fatally Wounded Carl in the Walking Dead?

Carl had been inadvertently shot by Otis (Pruitt Taylor Vince), who was hunting deer, in the present.

Does Carl Suffer an Arm Loss?

Carl’s arm was spared at the last minute, and Walking Dead comic writer Robert Kirkman speculated as to whether or not Carl will ultimately be able to keep it: Numerous variations were explored, and we do not rule out the possibility in the future.

What Episode Carl Dies Walking Dead?

Carl dies in Episode 9 of Season 8

Is Michonne the Mother of Carl?

After Carl’s mother Lori died, Michonne became his surrogate mother.

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