How Many End Credits in Thor? The Significance of End Credit Scenes!


You know that, regardless of how much soda you drank, you’ll need to hold it for another ten minutes or so to make it through the post-credit scenes in a Marvel film.

The question is, how many post-credit scenes does Thor: Love and Thunder contain? Thor: Love and Thunder may be the shortest Marvel film in recent memory, clocking in at just under two hours, so you won’t have to hold it for an interminable amount of time.

You will not want to miss what occurs after the closing credits of Thor: Love and Thunder, so we suggest that you choose a smaller drink size.

Occasionally, what is teased after the credits can be as anticipated as the film itself. Do you believe that anyone predicted that Harry Styles would appear at the end of Eternals? Or Charlize Theron’s introduction to the MCU in the Multiverse of Madness after Doctor Strange? When the credits begin to roll, all bets are off; you will not be disappointed with Thor: Love and Thunder.

Creates Two Post-Credits Scenes in Thor: Love and Thunder?

There are two post-credits scenes in Thor: Love and Thunder. The first is displayed after the first bit of “main” credits: the director, the writer, the producers, the actors, etc., which are all rendered with elaborate graphics. The following scene is commonly known as the mid-credits scene.

Next are the complete credits, which include everyone who worked on the film, from the production accountant to the countless VFX artists. After the credits have rolled and before the lights come up, there is one more scene you should not miss.

The specifics will be discussed later, but both scenes are story-related and not simply humorous, silly, shwarma-related moments. The mid-credits scene is the more impressive of the two, teasing an upcoming MCU project that is sure to excite fans.

Whether this occurs in future instalments of the Thor franchise is currently unknown, but it could theoretically set up a titanic clash of forces (and personalities) that we would love to see on screen. Oh, and fans of a particular non-superhero property will find something special there.

The final post-credits scene is also a must-see, as it provides a satisfying conclusion for a deserving character and ties the film’s plot more closely together. Nobody knows what it means for the character’s future, but it’s short, sweet, and well worth your time. While you wait for the final scenes, sit back, unwind, and discover who catered the film.

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Who’s in the Mid-Credits?

After the first portion of the credits roll, the screen goes black and the first of two credit scenes plays. In this mid-credits scene, Russell Crowe reprises his role as Zeus, tending to Thor’s injury, but he is not actually dead. He calls upon his son Hercules, portrayed by Ted Lasso’s Brett Goldstein, to exact revenge, lamenting the fall of the gods and resenting the popularity of superheroes in the eyes of the people.

How Many End Credits in Thor?

It’s a breathtaking scene that establishes numerous future possibilities. Crowe gave one of the film’s most entertaining performances, and it’s great to see that a thunderbolt to the stomach didn’t kill the Greek pantheon. Moreover, Hercules is a welcome addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Herc’s comics history may lean more toward heroism than villainy, as Zeus implies in this scene, Ted Lasso fans will be ecstatic with Goldstein’s casting. Roy Kent, he is here, he is there, he is everywhere!

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Where Does Jane End Up?

After the end credits, we see Jane (Natalie Portman) again after her death. After defeating Gorr and assisting in the rescue of the universe’s gods, she arrives at the Asgardian afterlife’s Valhalla gates.

As we learned from the movie, you don’t get into Valhalla unless you die in battle — sorry, Sif — and Jane did just that. There, Heimdall (Idris Elba) greets her, and she flashes the same enthralled smile we saw when she first entered Asgard in Thor: The Dark World. There may be some speculation among comics and film fans as to whether or not this is Jane’s final appearance in the MCU.

Will there maybe be a team-up among the heroes in their various afterlives? Maybe they are going to battle it out for supreme dead hero? Perhaps Night of the Living Dead Superheroes will emerge. Whatever it is, it’s good to see that after all of Mighty Thor’s heroics in the film, she gets what’s owed to her.

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