How Many End Credits in Moon Knight? Who is Jake Lockley?


A post-credits sequence in Moon Knight leaves everyone scratching their heads. Yes, if you left the Moon Knight website before the sixth episode concluded, you missed a highly awaited scene that opens the door for a second season. If you haven’t watched the scene, return to Disney Plus immediately!

For those who have seen the Moon Knight post-credits scene, we’re here to answer all your pressing questions. Given the psychedelic nature of Marc Spector’s experience thus far, the answers may not be as straightforward. However, this is what makes the most recent Marvel series so thrilling.

Are you all set? Let us be your guide as Moon Knight’s one and only post-credits scene becomes really bizarre. There are spoilers ahead.

What Transpires in the Post-credits Sequence of Moon Knight?

Following the conclusion of the Moon Knight series, Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) is seen in a mental institution in London. A Spanish-speaking man in black gloves and a flat cap approaches Harrow from behind and wheels him out of the hospital on a stretcher. Along the way, Harrow observes that the strange man has slain several staff members.

how many end credits in moon knight

The man with the flat cap drags Harrow outside and into a limousine. Sitting opposite him is Khonshu. The deity reveals that he didn’t require Marc or Layla to be his Avatar because he already has one.

Khonshu introduces Harrow to Jake Lockley, who is portrayed by Oscar Isaac, the third incarnation of Marc Spector. Lockley appears to kill Harrow by shooting him.

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Who is Jake Lockley?

Jake Lockley is well-known to readers of Marvel comics. Initially introduced as one of Marc Spector’s disguises, he ultimately evolved into one of Moon Knight’s various personalities. Oscar Isaac portrays him as his third character in the MCU, following Marc Spector and Steven Grant.

In contrast to his comic book counterpart, who is typically portrayed as a taxi driver with an ear to the ground of the criminal underground, Lockley in the MCU looks to be much colder and more calculated — more comparable to a hitman than a driver-for-hire.

He is most significantly Khonshu’s escape clause. While he appeared to let Marc (and Steven) go free in the finale, he is still able to utilise their Jake Lockley characteristics.


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Jake Lockley has also “appeared” in Moon Knight, albeit we have yet to see him on-screen. On numerous points throughout the series, Marc or Steven blacked out and were unable to recall what occurred. This occurred most significantly in the end, when Harrow and his men were defeated and Marc regained control. That was all Lockley, which suggests that he is a third alter reserved for only the most gruesome and filthy tasks that Khonshu requires.

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Does This Imply a Second Season of Moon Knight?

The whole second season of A Moon Knight relies on the shoulders of Oscar Isaac. Previously, he told Variety, “If there’s any future, I guess it depends on whether people like it, whether they want to see more, and whether we find a story worth telling.”

There is undoubtedly enough material for Oscar Isaac’s MCU newcomer to return for a second season, however nothing has been revealed regarding a second season.

While the Harrow drama may have concluded, Jake Lockley is now the ideal counterpoint for a second season with a more intense tone. As Marc and Steven gradually realise that another person is inhabiting their bodies, the show’s assets — its internal conflict — might be exploited.

There are also a few dangling strands left over from the show. One of them is Bushman, the former commanding officer of Marc Spector who was involved in the murder of Layla’s father.

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