Funny ‘How Long Do Short People Live 12-15’ Joke Takes Over Tiktok

Well, this question is just one of a series of strange TikTok trends that are making people laugh on the internet right now.

So, why are people suddenly so interested in how long small people live? Let’s talk about the joke…

“How Long Do Short People Live 12-15?” Joke Goes Viral

The latest joke to go viral on TikTok tells people to search “how long do short people live?” It’s part of a larger trend that started with the question “How long do idiots live?” and has grown into one of March’s biggest memes.

All you have to do for this internet trend is type the question into Google and look for the strange answer. It’s something you probably haven’t thought about before, which is why it’s so funny.

Here’s How Long They’ll Live.

The answer to the question is making TikTok users laugh so hard that the question is taking over the internet. People are getting different answers, and some are even using photo editing software to add their own to the Google results.

How Long Do Short People Live 12-15

Most people, though, seem to say that short people live between 12 and 15 or 10 and 13 years. It’s not true, but Internet users are sending the answer to their little friends because it makes them laugh.

‘i’ll Never Forget You’ Trend Takes Over

The joke “How long do short people live?” has started a new trend among TikTokers in Generation Z. It involves sending a text message with the words “I’ll never forget you” to a “short” person between the ages of 10 and 13 or 12 and 15.

Google says that short people only live for 10 to 13 years, which is what the challenge says about the person. You add the song “Never Forget You” by Zara Larsson and MNEK to the text.

Other Popular Memes Like “How Long Does a Tall Person Live?”

Before “how long do emos live” and “how long do idiots live” went viral, there were two other versions of the meme. Of course, these two also became very popular on the platform.

When people ask, “How long do idiots live?” the answer is usually the same as when they ask, “How long do tall people live?” That is, 12 to 15 years. Emos, on the other hand, have different results, but overall, they are expected to live between 10 and 17 years longer.

The “how long do idiots live” meme went viral for the first time in 2021, but it came back in February 2022, and it’s still popular. After all, we can make fun of our friends more easily with this meme, which makes it perfect for going viral.

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