How Important Is It to Learn Games in The Casino Before Playing for Real Money?


There are multiple ways you can learn to gamble. Some people grow up playing card games, others learn from their friends as adults, and others learn online. Whatever the case, there isn’t technically an ideal way to learn to gamble, but there is one you should never try – learning on the fly. Casino games have rules – some easy, some complicated – and understanding these rules before you sit at the table ensures you don’t lose money. Let’s look at why you should learn casino games before staking money.

You Can Avoid Bad Gambling Advice

Learning to gamble online from the comfort of your home is ideal because it keeps you in control of the situation. You decide how much information you consume and when. Additionally, you determine the strategies, tips, and tricks that work best for you. You can even verify any advice you come across that you find questionable. Alternatively, if you decide to learn how to gamble out in the casino world, say in a real-life casino, you are bound to bump into “experts” with a lot to say about casino games, styles of play, strategies, and more. The information might be accurate or flawed, but you will be unable to distinguish the two because you have no background. You are very likely to pick up some bad gambling advice and end up losing money and your confidence when you finally play.

It Is Easier

The internet and online gaming have made gambling – and learning to gamble – so much easier. You can access casino game guides and resources from reliable sources right on your phone or PC. In addition to strategy advice, most online gambling sites also offer free play so you can practice top casino games and build some experience at no cost. This makes learning beforehand more productive and comfortable and gives you some confidence before you stake real money. Even better, learning to gamble online exposes you to a wider variety of games. Online casinos like offer all the games you would find in a physical casino, plus many variations and slot games. This variety allows you to explore your tastes and find what works for you. You can then narrow down your focus to your favorite games.

You Can Avoid Severe Losses

Think about it; why would you lose money on acquiring a skill you could learn for free? Learning to gamble before staking real money prepares you for the realities of the game. You get to go in prepared – you might lose some money, but you will not lose it trying to learn the game. Of course, you could just start playing your favorite game and pick up the rules as you go, but the possibility of losing your money will leave you on edge the entire time anyway. Even the most experienced casino gamblers lose money, but your loss will be all the more severe if you lose over avoidable mistakes and not regular odds. This is especially true for high-stakes games with large buy-ins.

You Can Avoid Affecting the Game

Playing casino games online is convenient because there is no pressure to beat other players. You can take your time and enjoy the game. However, if you regularly enjoy live online casinos, the stakes change – you are playing with a live dealer and other players. In this situation, you don’t have the luxury of not knowing how the game works because you could affect the game. Some players are usually patient in these situations, but this is not always the case. If you hold up a live poker game because you don’t understand the rules, other players may not want to play with you in the future. This ruins your chances of enjoying the feature in the future. Even worse, other players might pick up on your inexperience and bluff you right out of your savings, so it is better to be prepared.

You Can Save Face…And Some Money

Losing money is an unavoidable part of gambling, but losing money every single time you play can be frustrating and embarrassing. As mentioned, even the most experienced gamblers lose money, so being unskilled only worsens your odds. This constant loss can demoralize you. It can also force you to make irrational bets in a bid to win back the money you have lost, which will only lead to more losses. The solution? Learn the basic rules beforehand, practice your gameplay, and develop a strategy.


Learning to gamble on real money is a bad idea. Even the simplest casino games, like slots, require some getting used to, and you can usually practice through free spins, free plays, and bonuses. There is no need to stake your money on a skill you can acquire for free. Not only could you end up affecting the game for other players, but you could also lose a lot of money and get demoralized. Take advantage of the many good resources for gambling beginners and practice your skills in a comfortable environment before hitting the tables – real or virtual.

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