How Did Yoriichi Die? Who or What Caused Yoriichi’s Death?


Who killed Yoriichi in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba will be the topic of this article. In addition, we will examine how Yoriichi died and answer other pertinent concerns.

Yoriichi is the most powerful demon slayer in demon slayer history. He was extraordinarily competent and the one who discovered the breathing techniques. He took it upon himself to kill Muzan, the Demon King, and taught others how to breathe to repel demons.

Yoriichi’s final battle is against his older brother Kokushibo (Michikatsu).

Firstly, if we are answering the question of who killed Yoriichi, then we have partially answered this question — Yoriichi’s murderer is unknown.

Does Yoriichi Die in Demon Slayer?

Yoriichi does die in the television series Demon Slayer. In the midst of a battle with his older brother, Michikatsu, he dies of old age. Michikatsu, having transformed into the demon Kokushibo, proceeds to battle Yoriichi in order to kill him and demonstrate his superiority.

Who or What Caused Yoriichi’s Death?

Yoriichi died of old age and remained unbeaten until his death. He begins his ultimate confrontation with his elder brother, Michikatsu. But after defeating Michikatsu with a single blow, he dies of old age. He dies while standing on the ground, without even falling to the ground.

The decisive battle that led to Yoriichi’s death

Now we will witness the battle that led to Yoriichi’s death.

how did yoriichi die

Yoriiachi is Cast Out of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Yoriichi gets expelled from the Demon Slayer Corps for betraying Michikatsu and sparing Tamayo’s life. When he met Muzan, he was even accused of a lack of expertise in killing him.

Yoriichi visits his two close pals Sumiyoshi and Suyako after leaving the Demon Slayer Corps.

He sits down with Sumiyoshi and tells him everything about himself, from his birth to why he was expelled from the Demon Slayers.

When people brought up Yoriichi’s past tragedies and discussed how he regretted letting Muzan live and how many people would die as a result, he got depressed.

Yoriichi’s Murderer Was a Demon Slayer.

At that moment, Sumire approaches and requests a hug. Sumiyoshi requests that he take her up, and he obliges. She laughs and shrieks with delight, causing him to cry and embrace her. Soon after, Suyako consoles and uplifts him by preparing and taking him out to eat.

Yoriichi Has Left Everyone

Suyako would request that Yoriichi perform the Sun Breathing forms when he was with the Kamados. People believed he was more of a spirit than a person since he performed all the movements with such elegance.

Sumiyoshi would pay great attention to and remember these programmes. Yoriichi offered Sumiyoshi his Hanafuda earrings during his last visit, despite being promised he was welcome at any time.

Sumiyoshi and Suyako then realised that this was his final visit to see them. Sumiyoshi was so angry that he yelled after Yoriichi as he walked away, telling him to stop referring to him as an useless guy.

He reminded him that he had protected them and assured him that his successors would preserve the Sun Breathing’s forms. Yoriichi turns around with a broad smile, thanks the Kamados, and waves them off after hearing this.

Yoriichi continued hunting demons on his own after being expelled from the Corps, although he maintained contact with the Hashira he befriended with the Oyakata’s tacit approval. In the interim, the Corps itself disintegrated. Muzan eliminated every other Sun Breather, and no one could instruct Breathing Styles better than Yoriichi.

Yoriichi and Kokushibo’s Last Meeting.

Yoriichi lived into his eighties, despite the rumour that those with the Demon Slayer Mark only lived for 25 years. However, he eventually went blind.

On the day of his death, he would fight Michikatsu, who was now known as Kokushibo and was Muzan’s most powerful lieutenant with Upper Rank One. He shed tears because he was so distraught over what had happened to his sibling.

Kokushibo could only express contempt at the fact that his younger brother was old and still alive, despite having the mark. Yoriichi was compelled to kill him despite his affection for him. He prepared to murder him.

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Yoriichi’s Final Attack Was Intended for Kokushibo.

Kokushibo used to fear Yoriichi when he realised that he remained the same competent and powerful warrior. He informed his brother of his impending attack, and then immediately launched it.

Before Kokushibo could even draw his sword, he slashed his brother’s neck open.

Kokushibo was furious that he had been defeated once more, so he awaited the next assault.

how did yoriichi die

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Yoriichi Dies

However, this did not occur; Yoriichi died without Kokushibo witnessing it.

Kokushibo was furious that he had lost his one and only opportunity for a fair fight, and that the guy who nearly murdered him and Muzan was now dead and would never lose again.

He was ready to strike his brother’s corpse when he noticed Yoriichi holding the flute he had given him when they were children. Kokushibo was unable to break his tie with Yoriichi, so he carried the shattered flute with him.

Who Killed Yoriichi in Conclusion?

In conclusion, to address the question: who murdered Yoriichi? It was not a human. Yoriichi died of old age and after defeating his demonified brother, Michikatsu.

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