How Did Billy Milligan Die? Everything You Need to Know About His!


Billy Milligan was the first individual to successfully use multiple personality disorder as a defence for a violent crime. The unconventional defence sparked a great deal of curiosity from the general public and psychologists who offered their perspectives on the case.

Milligan maintained that he was not responsible for the three crimes of kidnapping, three counts of aggravated robbery, and four counts of rape. Psychologists determined, based on significant research, that Billy had as many as 24 personalities, which merged into one harmless one after therapy.

The topic of the new Netflix documentary Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces of Billy Milligan is Billy.

Billy Was a Painter When He Died in December 2014 of Cancer.

On December 12, 2014, Billy passed away at a nursing home in Columbus, Ohio. His sister, Kathy, revealed to The Los Angeles Times that Billy passed away from cancer.

Kathy declined to have her last name publicised out of concern for potential retaliation and to protect the privacy of her family. She also wished to avoid reigniting “the lunacy that surrounds every aspect of this case.”

Following Billy’s acquittal, the court ordered him to remain in state-run mental facilities for treatment and examination. During this time, he disclosed 24 distinct personalities, 14 of which he called “The Undesirables.”

Milligan fled the Central Ohio Psychiatric Hospital in July 1986. He procured false documents identifying him as Christopher Carr and settled in Bellingham, Washington with Michael Madden.

Two months following Madden’s disappearance, authorities shifted their attention to ‘Christopher’ Milligan left Washington before being apprehended in Florida.

Billy spent two years in Ohio until an independent journalist determined that he was no longer a threat to society. He was released in 1988 and continued to be monitored by the state.

Billy spent time in California, where he established a production company with the intention of making a short film. He returned to Ohio to reconnect with his sister after failing the exam.

His sister bought him a mobile home, where he resided until his death in 2014. In the last years of his life, he was an ardent painter.

He promised to reimburse the state for the $450,000 spent on his counselling. A representative for the Ohio attorney general revealed that Billy paid &170,000 prior to his death.

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The Diagnosis of Multiple Personality Disorder in Billy Continues to Divide Mental Health Practitioners.

Even sceptic psychiatrists found it difficult to disregard Billy Milligan’s case. Billy could seemingly change his personality at will. Elliot Boxerbaum, the OSU police investigations supervisor, said, “I couldn’t tell you what was happening, but it felt like I was speaking to various persons at different times.”

Judy Stevenson and Gary Schweickart chose the insanity defence as their strategy. They relied on the contents of a psychiatric report:

Ragen, a 23-year-old Yugoslavian, had taken control of Milligan’s mind and intended to rob some individuals. Before Ragen could rob anyone, however, a 19-year-old lesbian called Aladana possessed Milligan’s body and raped the women because she yearned for companionship. The other characters, including “Billy,” have no recollection of that.”

The prosecution interrogated Billy and reached the same conclusion. “I witnessed numerous personalities,” stated Bernard Yavitch.

Those who agreed with the diagnosis of multiple personality disorder said that Billy’s personalities began to fragment after he was abused by his father. Some claimed that Billy was the only exceptionally talented actor. However, both the prosecution and the defence agreed that Billy committed the crimes, but that he is not liable for them.

Billy’s numerous personalities prohibited him from maintaining steady employment. After serving time for robbery, he began committing rapes on college campuses.

How Did Billy Milligan Die?

Mental health professionals disagree regarding multiple personality disorder (now referred to as dissociative identity disorder). The problem with diagnosing DID with technology is that no such method exists. For a DID defence to succeed in court,’very robust’ evidence of its presence is required.

Dr. Dorothy Otnow Lewis has conducted considerable research on DID as well as serial killers like Ted Bundy and Arthur Shawcross. She spoke with Esquire about the burden of proof required to establish DID:

“Some of the strongest evidence of its existence would be writings, drawings, or works of art created by the person you are examining before you ever saw them. When a person dissociates significantly, it is common to observe that their handwriting has changed.

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