How Did Ace Die? In Which One Piece Episode Does Ace Die? Latest Info!


In which One Piece episode does Ace die? When reminiscing about their favourite characters, One Piece fans ask this type of question. With more than a thousand chapters, One Piece is one of the longest-running manga. With so many chapters and tales to tell, it is evident that the series contains a large number of characters. Fans find it difficult to choose their favourite One Piece character outside the protagonist. However, the one figure that no one seems to forget is Portgas D. Ace, the son of the Pirate King.

Ace has a significant impact on the history of One Piece. Ace contributed significantly to the plot as the son of the Pirate King and the older brother of the main character and future pirate king, Monkey D. Luffy. He serves as a role model for his younger brother Sabo and Luffy. Ace saw a father figure in Monkey D. Garp and Whitebeard, also known as Edward Newgate, despite not knowing who his own father was. Moreover, he was one of the Whitebeard pirates’ commanders. Since he died during the Marine Ford arc, though, he will not be able to witness the conclusion of One Piece’s adventure.

Ace was the driving force behind the Marine Ford Arc/Paramount Arc. Whitebeard, Akainu, Aokiji, Sengoku, and even Shanks were seen in full action at the conclusion of the arc. However, it resulted in Whitebeard and Ace’s deaths. If you have been wondering how Ace died and in which episode he dies, then we have the facts that will make your eyes water.

How Did Ace Die In One Piece?

The events that led to Ace’s death began when he attempted to punish Marchal D. Teach, often known as Blackbeard. Blackbeard murdered one of his crewmates, which is an unpardonable offence on the Whitebeard pirate ship. However, Ace was ultimately defeated in the combat, and Blackbeard gave him over to the troops and assumed the title of Warlord. The global government stated that Ace would be publicly executed in Marine Ford, which sparked the bloodiest conflict in the history of One Piece.

However, many pirates perished while attempting to rescue Ace, and there were also numerous betrayals. Ace perished while attempting to save Luffy from Akainu’s magma fist, despite being eventually released from his restraints. Ace rushed in front of Luffy to shield him from Akainu’s punch, which left a hole in Luffy’s chest. After Ace’s death was caused by Akainu, he became one of the most despised characters among One Piece fans.

Not only did Akainu kill Ace, but he was also involved in the death of Whitebeard. In addition, Akainu persuaded Squard to betray Whitebeard so that he may take the upper hand in the Marine Ford combat.

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In What Episode Does Ace Die?

Ace passed away during the Marine Ford Arc, which spanned 33 episodes from Episode 457 to Episode 489. The episode containing the death of Portagas D. Ace is titled “Looking for the Answer — Fire Fist Ace Dies on the Battlefield.” In the 483rd episode of the One Piece anime, Ace dies.

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Why is Ace’s Demise a Major Plot Point in One Piece?

Every time a favourite character dies in the series, it comes as a surprise. Numerous individuals believed that Ace would live to fight another day alongside Whitebeard and Luffy. However, it came as a surprise when Oda killed Ace, as One Piece is recognised for its many outstanding qualities but not for killing off its characters. Whitebeard’s bond with his family has always been an emotional aspect of One Piece. During the war, Whitebeard witnessed several of his sons perish on the battlefield. Even more tragic was the fact that Whitebeard’s one hope, Ace, had perished.

One could argue that Ace’s death was necessary for the growth of other characters and One Piece itself. Ace’s followers can rest assured, however, that Ace will be mentioned repeatedly in One Piece. Every arc will always have a glimpse of Ace, just as we did in Wano.

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