How “Beyond the Universe Netflix” Ended, Explained: How Did Nina Deal With Gabriel’s Tragic Death?


Nina never had time to think about love. When she got lupus, a disease in which the immune system attacks the body’s tissues and organs, her life got harder. Nina was good at playing the piano.

Since she was a child, she had wanted to play in the Symphony Orchestra, but the more she learned about her disease, the less likely it seemed that she would ever be able to do that.

“Beyond the Universe” is about Nina and how she found her soulmate in a person who taught her how to enjoy life. This sad romance couldn’t be saved by the constant rain or the director’s love of neon lights.

What Is the Story of the Movie “Beyond the Universe”?

Nina was 13 when she was told she had lupus. Her nose began to bleed as she played the piano on stage. She knew from a young age that the disease would hurt her organs and joints, which would make it even harder for her to follow her dream.

Nina found out as an adult that her kidney function had dropped by a lot. She needed a new kidney, but if she couldn’t find a donor, she had to do hemodialysis three times a week to stay healthy. Because there were more patients than donors, Nina’s name was almost at the bottom of the list.

Just when it seemed like nothing was going her way, she saw an ad in the paper for an audition to join the Symphony Orchestra. She started to play the piano wherever she could find one, even at a train station. Gabriel was riding his bike to the hospital when he saw Nina at the train station. Even though he was in a rush, Nina’s sense of music drew him in.

Beyond the Universe Netflix

At the hospital, Nina saw Gabriel again. He turned out to be a doctor who lived in the hospital where Nina was supposed to get hemodialysis. Nina was a pessimist, while Gabriel was an optimist. Nina thought she didn’t have much to look forward to in life, but Gabriel wanted to show her how much she still had to be grateful for.

They became friends even though they were different from each other. Gabriel knew he liked Nina, but since he was a doctor and she was his patient, they couldn’t be together. Gabriel took a risk, even though he knew the area was dangerous, because he cared about Nina and wanted to be her light in the world.

Nina didn’t know about the doctor’s code. Gabriel made her happy, and she was finally living her life. When she lost her job at the conservatory, he found her a piano. He made sure Nina filled out the audition form and didn’t give up on her dream. He thought she could do it, and that made Nina never give up.

Nina was learning to enjoy her life while her health was getting worse. Her kidneys stopped doing anything at all. She needed a donor so badly to have a better life, but the list was too long. Will Gabriel do something to save Nina? Will Nina do well at the audition for the Symphony Orchestra? Did they finally tell each other they loved each other? Let us find out.

The Ending of “Beyond the Universe”: How Did Nina Deal With Gabriel’s Tragic Death?

Gabriel was determined to go back to a place in the mountains where he and his mother used to go. Back at home, Nina was practicing the piano, and Gabriel was taking in the beautiful scenery. He put his mother’s picture on the ground, but it flew away.

Beyond the Universe Netflix

Even though it was dangerous, he chose to take it. Gabriel did manage to grab the picture, but the rope he used to climb broke because it couldn’t hold his weight any longer. Gabriel went to the hospital, but he didn’t make it. Gabriel’s death really hurt Nina.

She and Alberto became close because they both remembered Gabriel. Alberto knew Nina needed a kidney donor, so he decided to take a test to see if he was a good match. Since the answer was good, Alberto decided to keep going with the process.

Nina was very happy about the idea. Alberto told Nina that he gave Nina his kidney because medicine is about making people feel better, and he knew that he could do that for Nina. Nina was chosen to play with the Symphony Orchestra after the process was over.

Gabriel was the love of her life, so she wrote a song for him. He taught her how to be hopeful. Even though he wasn’t with her at the time, she thought he was watching over her and that their love was bigger than the universe.

In the end, Nina went where Gabriel had dreamed of taking her: to the mountains. Even though she was by herself, she could still feel his love. Nina learns in “Beyond the Universe” not to give up on life and to be grateful for the things around her.

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