Harry Clifton and Kevin Clifton Net Worth: Everything You Need to Know!

Harry Clifton and Kevin Clifton: Are They Related? Due to the fact that they share the same surname, viewers have been intrigued about their connection.

Kevin Clifton is a professional English actor and dancer who has worked as a choreographer’s assistant. Harry Clifton is a professional football player who has been a midfielder.

In July 2015, Harry joined Grimsby Town and signed his first professional contract. As a member of Wales Under-21’s squad for their training camp at the end of March 2019, he has been well-known to football fans for a long time.

Kevin, a professional dancer, participated in the BBC television dancing show Strictly Come Dancing. Numerous individuals who have known them both are intrigued about their relationship.

Are Harry Clifton and Kevin Clifton Related?

There is no possibility that Harry Clifton is related to the famous dancer and actor Kevin Clifton. People who share the same last name but are not related by blood are frequently mistaken.

Harry was born in Grimsby, England on June 12, 1998, whereas Kevin was born in Waltham, Grimsby, England on October 13, 1982. They have the same birthplace and surname, hence there are a significant number of people that require explanation regarding their kinship.


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Kevin does not have a brother, but he was raised with his sister in England. Since Harry has not disclosed information about his brothers, Kevin and Harry do not share a sibling relationship.

In addition, Kevin and Harry share a daughter born in 2022, assuming there is any doubt as to whether Kevin is Harry’s father or brother. They have no common relationship.

The football player Harry and the actor Kevin Clifton are not related; they simply share the same surname.

Family Details About Kevin Clifton

Kevin James Clifton was born and reared in Waltham, Grimsby, England, to parents Keith Clifton and Judy Clifton.

Clifton was fascinated in dance from a young age; he and his sister Joanne participated in several dancing shows as partners.

The dancer has been married three times, the first time being at age 20 to Anna Melnikova. Then, he wed Clare Craze, a professional dancer.


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He is currently married to Stacey Dooley, with whom he has been in a long-term relationship, and they have a daughter, Minnie, who was born in 2022.

Harry Clifton and Kevin Clifton: Are They Related?

Family Details Regarding Harry Clifton

Clifton has not disclosed a great deal about his private life to the general public. Since he began playing, Clifton’s parents have supported him in his professional endeavours.

His parents were always ready to discuss his game, and he described them as his most extensive support system.

Regarding his love status, he has never been married or engaged. Harry has kept his relationship history private.


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Clifton has prioritised his career over all other relationships. Clifton has maintained a lower profile than any other pro football player.

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Difference Between Kevin Clifton and Harry Clifton’s Net Worth

Kevin and Harry’s net wealth is relatively modest despite their involvement in two distinct fields. People have frequently discussed their wealth in public.

According to the reports and a recent update, the dancer and actor Kevin’s net worth is $5 million. As a professional dancer and actor, he earns the majority of his living.

According to the source, the football player has the same net worth as Kevin, which is $5 million. Since 2015, Harry has participated as an experienced midfielder.

Their net worth improves annually due to their hard work. Due to the fact that they have not yet disclosed their income publicly, the stated figure may also be erroneous.

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