Hannah Barron Net Worth: Who is dating Hannah Baron?

Hannah Barron is well-known on social media and also hunts professionally. She has graduated from Troy University in Alabama and is currently engaged to Ryan Horton. However, their relationship did not work out, and they were forced to separate.

Her father was a professional hunter, while her mother managed the household. She has been hunting since she was a child, and she is now highly active on YouTube and Instagram.

You may have extensive knowledge of Hannah Barron. But do you know her age, height, and the amount of money she will have in 2022?

This article provides information about Hannah Barron’s brief wiki-biography, career, professional life, personal life, husband, boyfriend, dating, divorce, children, current net worth, age, height, and weight, among other details. So, if you’re all set, let’s get started.

Beginnings of Hannah

Hannah was born under the sign of Leo on July 3, 1996. Additionally, she was born to Jeff and Lisa Barron. Hannah was just eight years old at the time of her parents’ divorce.

Before Hannah exited the vehicle, her father instructed her to search for snakes. He taught her how to hunt and fish as well. Hannah killed her first deer at the age of eight. Since then, she has killed a deer measuring 130 inches on her own.


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Hannah and her father go hunting for deer, wild pigs, or turkey, depending on the season. She hopes to one day kill an alligator.

Well, little is known about her education, although she is a graduate student at Troy University at now.

Professional Profession

The first time Hannah Barron went hunting, she was only eight years old. Jeff, her father, trained her to hunt. Her father, a wildlife Adventist, instructed her in fishing, hunting, and setting traps.

She got more well-known after posting images of her hunting, fishing, and travelling on social media.

People from all over the world came to appreciate her hunting and fishing skills. This motivated her to create her own YouTube channel.

Today, over 255 thousand individuals subscribe to her “Hannah Barron” YouTube account. She has become so proficient at capturing catfish that she now refers to herself as “the catfish girl.”

There are 760 thousand individuals that follow her Instagram account, which is titled “hannahbarron96.” Her unique content is increasing her popularity.

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Hannah Barron Family

Hannah Barron was born in the United States on July 3, 1996. She resides in the same country as her relatives.


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She is a Christian and was born into a Christian home.

We conducted an extensive investigation on her parents and siblings but found nothing useful. This post will be updated as soon as we discover more about her family.

Awards & Achievements

Hannah is only 24 years old, so it is safe to say she has just begun her profession and is doing rather well. Even though she has just begun her career, she has already received numerous honors.

She received the Silver Button from YouTube for having over one hundred thousand subscribers, and Twitch awarded her for her services to the platform.

She has received multiple accolades from Instagram and other businesses whose products she promotes. Creator of the Month was one of these honors.

Age, height, weight, and body size measurements

Currently, Hannah Barron is 26 years old. She was born on July 3, 1996, making her 26 years old as of the 15th of July, 2022. She is 1.52 meters tall and 57 kg in weight.

Hannah Barron Instagram

Hannah Barron is a prominent Instagram celebrity. She gained notoriety by uploading Instagram photographs with motivational words and Reels.

Instagram, the most popular social networking platform for uploading photographs and videos, is quite popular with her.


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She primarily posts photographs of herself wearing fashionable clothing and striking poses. Her Instagram account brought her fame.

As of March 2022, she has more than 1 million followers on Instagram (@hannahbarron96).

And let’s discuss the average number of likes on her Instagram postings, which ranges from 50,000 to 120,000.

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Earnings and Worth of Hannah Barron in 2022

Hannah expects her net worth to reach $6 million by July 2022. In addition to having a great YouTube channel with over 300,000 subscribers, she is also highly popular on Instagram and Twitch.

She is also compensated for endorsements and social media influence, which adds to her compensation. However, the media and the general public are unaware of her exact monthly and annual earnings.

Hannah Barron is well-known for her accomplishments in hunting and on social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

Since she had been hunting since she was a youngster, she chose to make it her profession and establish her reputation. It would be an understatement to say that she desires to be recognised as one of the world’s top hunters.

With the entertaining movies she puts online, she educates people about hunting in particular. Her followers on Instagram and YouTube are incredibly devoted to her. She constantly creates content for their entertainment.

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Frequent Requested Information

What is Hannah Barron’s nationality?

Hannah was born to an American family in the United States. She was born in Alabama to a quite rich family and raised there. A Christian social media sensation was born in the United States. Jeff Barron is her father, and her mother is Lissa Barron.

What is Hannah Barron’s occupation?

Hannah Barron is a professional hunter and a prominent social media user. She often uploads videos to her “Hannah Barron Outdoors” YouTube account, which has over 300,000 subscribers. She began hunting at an early age, and it is believed that she shot her first deer when she was only eight years old.

Who is dating Hannah Baron?

Hannah Baron is in a relationship with Hunter Horton, who was previously her boyfriend and is now her fiancé. They began dating in 2016, and two years later, in 2018, they became engaged in a stunning ceremony. According to reports, Hunter knelt down, presented her with an engagement ring, and asked her to be his life partner.


Hannah was born under the sign of Leo on July 3, 1996. Additionally, she was born to Jeff and Lisa Barron. Hannah was just eight years old at the time of her parents’ divorce.

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