Hacks Season 3: What Are the Latest Updates of This Season

hacks season 3

For a second season, the funniest women on TV are back. The highly anticipated second season of Hacks just got its first two episodes on HBO Max. Almost to the day that season one started, season two has already started, making fans happy and making them wonder if there will be a season three.

Here’s what you need to know about season 3 of Hacks.

So, Is There Really Going to Be a Third Season of Hacks?

We can guess that there will be a third season of Hacks, even though it hasn’t been confirmed yet. The first season of Hacks started in May 2021, and by June, HBO Max had confirmed that there would be a second season. In the next few weeks, we’re sure to hear more about the hit comedy show’s future, but if reviews are any indication, fans are in for a long haul.

Why Do You Think It’s Likely to Work?

Hacks was a big name in the Emmys last September, with 6 nominations, including Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series, Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series, and Outstanding Actor nominations for Jean Smart, Hannah Einbinder, and Carl Clemons-Hopkins. In the end, Jean Smart won the award for Outstanding Lead Actress, and the show won awards for Outstanding Directing and Outstanding Writing.

Rotten Tomatoes gave season one a “100% certified fresh” rating, and the site has already posted approval ratings for season two. For the second year in a row, all of the ratings are perfect.

hacks season 3

Okay, so what is Hacks about for those of us who don’t watch?

In the first season, Ava, a struggling comedy writer, got a new job as a writer’s assistant for Deborah Vance, an old female comedian (inspired by Joan Rivers) who broke new ground but has lost touch with younger audiences. Ava and Deborah’s agent put them together, and now they have to write a stand-up show that will appeal to both baby boomers and millennials. They have different ideas about almost everything, from what comedy is for to feminism to fashion. In the end, they find something they have in common as women and as comedians, and they start a cross-country tour of new material. However, not before an angry Ava sends a nasty tell-all email to a pair of producers who want to make a show about a diva-like comedian, based on Deborah Vance.

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In season two, there’s a bit more sweetness, but the same sharp comedy that sold us last year is still there. Season two will have eight episodes, and until June 2, two will come out every Thursday.

What happens in season 2 of Hacks?

In the first season of Hacks, Deborah Vance and Ava Daniels were paired together as an odd couple. Each was trying to save her comedy career at the time. Even though they argue, they work well together. As they take their show on the road, season 2 of Hacks continues to look at how they work together. Here’s what we know about season 2 of Hacks:

“As Deborah Vance, a famous comedian from Las Vegas, and Ava, a young, spoiled writer, travel across the country to work on Deborah’s new stand-up act, their dark relationship continues to grow.”

Here’s a Summary of All the Hacks Season 2 Episodes That Have Been Shown So Far

“There Will Be Blood” is the first episode of the second season of Hacks.

“Deborah is excited to try out her new songs on the road, while Ava is worried about how an explosive email will affect her.” Read an in-depth summary of Hacks season 2 episode 1 on What to Watch.

“Quid Pro Quo” is the second episode of the second season of Hacks.

“Deborah accepts tour life; Ava struggles with what it means to be honest; and Jimmy learns the harsh truths of making deals in Hollywood.” Read an in-depth summary of Hacks season 2 episode 2 on What to Watch.

“Trust the Process” is the third episode of the second season of Hacks.

“Deborah keeps working on her material while on the road, and Ava gets used to her new life. Marcus doesn’t know what to do now that Wilson is gone.” Read an in-depth summary of Hacks season 2 episode 3 on What to Watch.

“The Captain’s Wife” is episode 4 of season 2 of Hacks.

“Deb has trouble connecting with her audience on a cruise, but Ava becomes a surprise hit.” Read an in-depth summary of Hacks season 2 episode 4 on What to Watch.

hacks season 3

“Retired” is the fifth episode of the second season of Hacks.

“On an unplanned detour, Deborah faces a long-held guilt while catching up with a comedian friend from her past.” Read an in-depth summary of Hacks season 2 episode 5 on What to Watch.

“The Click” is the sixth episode of the second season of Hacks.

“On a girls’ night out, Ava tries to connect with her mother, and Deborah makes friends with someone she didn’t expect.” Read an in-depth summary of Hacks season 2 episode 6 on What to Watch.

Is there a trailer for Hacks season 2?

When you want to get ready for the second season of Hacks, watch these trailers. With the official trailer and teaser trailer for Hacks season 2, you can see what Deborah and Ava are going to do, argue about, and feel this season.

Hacks Season One Summary

If you need a refresher on what happened in season 1 of Hacks, you should definitely read What to Watch’s recaps of the whole season. Here’s a short version to hold you over.

At the start of Hacks, Deborah Vance is a comedy legend who has just finished a record-setting run of stand-up shows in Las Vegas. She doesn’t know it, but her star has fallen, and her record-breaking show will be her last. In order to help Deborah’s career, her agent puts her together with Ava, a down-on-her-luck, spoiled comedy writer who is also one of his clients.

Everyone is just as happy to be working together, which is to say, not very much. Slowly, though, they start to get along. Ava learns that Deborah’s job is more than she thought at first, and Deborah starts to see the benefits and chances of changing her act.

Ava also meets more of Deborah’s close friends and family. Marcus, Deborah’s manager, has a hard time balancing his work and his personal life. DJ, Deborah’s daughter, is desperate to find her own thing to be passionate about. Marty, the owner of the casino, is making the decision to end Deborah’s residency.

But Ava has problems of her own. After a bad tweet, her career almost came to an end. She still cares about her ex-girlfriend, and her dad is having health problems.

hacks season 3

Things come to a head as Deborah gets ready for her last residency show, where she plans to show off the new act she and Ava have been working on. Ava, on the other hand, gets a job interview to write for a new TV show, but she doesn’t tell Deborah.

When Ava finds out that the show just wants to use her to get stories about working for a boss like Deborah, she says no. But Deborah finds out about the interview. The two have a fight, and Deborah says she won’t do their new act. Ava calls her a “hack” and quits her job. She goes home to Boston to be with her sick father, but he dies there.

Deborah shows up at the funeral, which is a surprise. She tells Ava that she did do their act, but it didn’t work out. She liked some parts of it, though, and wants to keep working on it with Ava. With this goal in mind, the two set out on the road. However, as the season comes to a close, Ava is reminded of something: in her anger after quitting, she sent a lot of information about Deborah to the TV show writers.

Trailer of Hacks Season 3

There is no official trailer for season 3 but you people can enjoy the trailer of season 2

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