Grayson Boucher Net Worth: What is the Source of Grayson Boucher’s Income?


Grayson Boucher is one of the most well-known and recognisable basketball players in the world. This celebrity was born on June 10, 1984 in Keizer, Oregon, United States. He is 37 years old and currently resides with his family in Los Angeles. This outstanding basketball player is a citizen of the United States. He began performing at an early age.

An Early Look at Grayson Boucher

Professor Scott Grayson Boucher was born on June 10, 1984. He was raised in Keizer, Oregon, United States of America, where he was born. Professor spent his senior year of high school at McNary High Institution before transferring to the private Salem Academy. He received All-State honours in that state.

Chemeketa Community College was his only option because he had no other options. During his time at the university, he participated in basketball.

Profession of Grayson Boucher

Boucher and his brother attended the AND1 Mixtape Tour stop in Portland, Oregon as fans. Boucher learned about the tour’s “open tryout” and was selected to join the team. By the summer of 2009, Boucher was prominently featured in the marketing for the tour, appearing on the website’s homepage and in numerous advertisements.


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He has appeared in seven seasons of ESPN’s Streetball, five AND1 mixtape DVDs, four AND1 commercials, and an AND1 video game, and has played in over thirty countries. Boucher is a professional chess player, even while on tour. After leaving AND1 in January 2011, Boucher played streetball for Ball Up. In late 2008, he met Ball Up’s chief executive officer, Demetrius Spencer.

The Ball Up Tour features the majority of players from the AND1 Mixtape Tour and focuses more on court action than the AND1 tour, which featured more behind-the-scenes footage. The international tour visited over ten countries, and a winter trip to the United States was planned.

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Career in the Arts

Utilizing his fame, Boucher has appeared in a number of films portraying basketball players. He was a point guard for the opposing team in the final game of Will Ferrell’s film Semi-Pro and is featured in the DVD’s special features.

In the film Ball Don’t Lie, which was based on the same-titled book, Boucher portrayed Sticky. The film was completed and exhibited at a number of film festivals, but it was never formally distributed.

Boucher portrayed Spider-Man in a web series he created for YouTube. In the series, he competed against unsuspecting opponents on numerous basketball courts in and around Los Angeles while disguised as a superhero.


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Within a week of its YouTube upload, the first episode received 14 million views. It was published on ESPN’s website, and Shaquille O’Neal tweeted the link to his followers, thereby increasing its exposure. In the third episode, NBA superstar Jamal Crawford appeared, and it was decided that future episodes would feature additional well-known basketball players.

Value of Grayson Boucher

Grayson Boucher is an American streetball player with a net worth of $500,000, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Grayson Boucher was born in Keizer, Oregon, and he played high school and college basketball, respectively, at Salem Academy High School and Chemeketa Community College. He decided to apply after observing open tryouts while attending an AND1 Mixtape Tour Streetball game with his brother.


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Does He Run the YouTube Channel for ‘The Professor’?

The Professor is the name of Grayson Boucher’s YouTube account. Monthly, he earns tens of thousands of dollars by uploading YouTube videos to his numerous followers. The channel has over 261,000 subscribers and adds about 400 new ones every month.

The channel consists of The Professor’s lectures, basketball analysis, and The Theodores’ performance clips, along with his commentary. Through advertisements, the YouTube channel generates an average of $1181 per month.

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Grayson Boucher is one of the most recognisable and well-known basketball players in the world. This celebrity was born in Keizer, Oregon, United States, on June 10, 1984. He is 37 years old and currently resides in Los Angeles with his family. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Grayson Boucher is an American streetball player with a net worth of $500,000.

Frequent Requested Information

What is the source of Grayson Boucher’s income?

The title of Grayson Boucher’s YouTube channel is The Professor. He earns thousands of dollars per month by uploading YouTube videos for his numerous followers. The channel has more than 261,000 subscribers and gains an average of 400 new ones each month.

What kind of shoes does the professor wear?

The Professor’s streetball handles and viral videos are well-known. Recently, the Professor’s footwear of choice has been the ‘Bruce Lee’ Kobe 5 Protros.

Can the Professor dunk a basketball?

Grayson Boucher, also known as “The Professor,” has earned a reputation as a ball-handling genius, and despite his small stature AND one Streetball star, he can also dunk the basketball.

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