Grantchester Season 7 Release Date: Is It Coming In 2022? Latest News!

The seventh season of Grantchester will premiere on PBS Masterpiece in the United States. Robson Green as Detective Inspector George “Geordie” Keating and Tom Brittney as Reverend Will Davenport will team together to tackle more perplexing new cases in this series. The premiere of the first six episodes of the seventh season occurred on July 10 at 9 p.m. ET, and the remaining episodes will air weekly thereafter.

Grantchester Season 7

Grantchester is a British ITV detective drama set in the 1950s village of Grantchester in Cambridgeshire. It is based on James Runcie’s collection of short stories titled The Grantchester Mysteries. James Norton was cast as the Anglican vicar Sidney Chambers, followed by Tom Brittney as the vicar William Davenport. Both of these features interfere with the detection process. Robson Green portrays Detective Inspector Geordie Keating, the second main character.

Based on the six short stories from the first book, Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death, the plot of the first season shown in 2014 was derived. The highly anticipated seventh season of the popular detective drama is now available. The seventh season of The Grantchester Series must appeal to a larger audience, given the positive fan reception of the previous seasons.

Grantchester Season 7 Release Date

As previously stated, the first season of this criminal drama debuted in 2014. After two years, the second season aired in March and April 2016; the third season premiered on April 23, 2017. As the final season to feature James Norton in the starring role, the fourth season included a number of alterations. The broadcast aired on April 12, 2018. From this season forward, Brittney has replaced Norton as the leader.

The fifth season was released in January 2020, while the sixth was originally scheduled to premiere on July 17, 2020, but that date was rescheduled to September 3, 2021. Originally, the seventh season was scheduled to premiere on July 28, 2021, with Brittney serving as director for the first time. The series premiered on 11 March 2022 and concluded on 15 April 2022 in the United Kingdom.

On 10 July 2022, PBS Masterpiece broadcasted the U.S. premiere of Grantchester season seven.

Where Can You Watch Season 7 of Grantchester?

Grantchester is coming to PBS Masterpiece in America. The series is a British ITV detective drama that has already broadcast all seven seasons. The seventh season of the series was just released this week in the United States, and it is hoped that it will meet public expectations.

Throughout the six-episode season, the trio attempts to solve a variety of fresh and unusual puzzles, in addition to uncovering ancient secrets. The drama will begin with the murder investigation of Lord Edmund in 1959. As the season has already debuted in the United Kingdom, you can view the episodes on the ITV hub.

Grantchester Season 7 Cast

  • Robson Green as DI Geordie Keating
  • Tom Brittney is the Pastor. Will Davenport is William “Will” Davenport.
  • Kacey Ainsworth in the role of Catherine “Cathy” Keating
  • Al Weaver portraying Leonard Ernest Finch
  • Tessa Peake-Jones in the role of Mrs. Sylvia Chapman
  • Nick Brimble in the role of Jack Chapman
  • Oliver Dimsdale as Daniel Marlowe
  • Melissa Johns portraying Miss Scott
  • Bradley Hall in the role of Larry Peters
  • Charlotte Ritchie as Bonnie Evans

Frequent Appearances

  • Skye Lucia Degruttola as Esme Keating
  • Gary Beadle was appointed Archdeacon. Gabriel Atubo
  • Bradley Hall serves as DC Lawrence Peters
  • Felix Scott as Detective Inspector Sean Donovan.
  • Jemma Redgrave as Amelia Davenport is portrayed by Jemma Redgrave.
  • Melissa Johns portraying Miss Scott
  • Emily Patrick in the role of Tamara Gurney-Clifford
  • Shaun Dooley in the role of Johnny Richards

Grantchester Season 7 Trailer

A 30-second trailer for the seventh season of Grantchester gets the heroes back into action. The trailer was released by Masterpiece PBS on March 8, 2022. It features the regular investigations, but also a murder mystery and a relationship that is developed in this new season. The video has been released with the description, “Your favourite priest and detective are back! The seventh season will feature more laughs, romance, and murder.

Charlotte Ritchie portrays the new character Bonnie Evans in the season seven trailer. Bonnie is a young widow with a son, and it appears that she may begin a relationship with Will as he develops feelings for her.

The next case the trio takes on involves murder, and it appears to be a serial killer. Within a few hours of the trailer’s publication, the audience’s anticipation for the premiere of the new season has exploded in the comment area.

Grantchester Season 7 Plot

The seventh season of Grantchester premiered on PBS Masterpiece on July 10 in the United States. This season likewise consists of six episodes and is filled with perplexing situations for George and Will to solve. Lord Edmund’s murder is the first of numerous that occur over the season.

In the summer of 1959, before the entrance of the Swinging Sixties, the wedding season was in full flow and we could hear many wedding bells. As Reverend Will Davenport unites happy couples in holy matrimony, Detective Inspector Geordie Keating is extremely busy investigating a succession of local murder cases, according to the season’s synopsis.

What Does Season 7 Entail?

According to Robson Green, this season investigates the issue “what is true love?” Even further, he stated that the season examines secrets and deceit not only from the past, but also from their contemporary existence.

As previously said, the season is filled with homicides and mayhem for the trio to investigate. In addition to all of these concerns, they also face several personal problems. As the new decade approaches, the couple must discover a solution to the killings, and the season will feature life-altering decisions that may alter the lives of Grantchester forever.

Based on the Season 7 Grantchester trailer and the performers’ statements, we may deduce that this season will contain a great deal more.

By the end of the sixth season, it was evident that Grantchester village will undergo a number of changes, including the emergence of a major virtuous argument that divides the Grantchester community and Will and Georgie’s friendship. With the beginning of the 1960s came a change in the season’s setting, which might have significant effects on the life of Grantchester village.

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In this seventh season of Grantchester, star actor Tom Brittney makes his directing debut, which is a significant aspect of the season. He had directed the season’s third episode. He expresses appreciation for the opportunity to direct an episode of the season.

Tom expressed his elation and eagerness to rejoin his Grantchester family on set in their happy location. When he was granted the opportunity to direct an episode of this series, he even stated that he was overjoyed. He described it as his greatest aspiration and eagerly awaits the audience’s response to the show.


As the premieres are now available, they can be viewed on PBS Masterpiece. Also, if you are a newbie, you can watch the earlier episodes on this site before obtaining the most recent ones. With the release of the last episodes of Grantchester season 7, the total number of episodes in the series is 45, which might be a delight for fans of detective stories.

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