Google is kicking ‘sugar dating’ apps out of the Play Store!


“Sugar dating” applications will not be permitted on the Android Play Store from September 1st, Google has declared as a component of a procession of strategy modifications for the forum. The alteration, which was initially documented by Android Police, particularly prohibits applications about “compensated sexual relationships.” Additional modifications arriving at the outlet comprise a recent crackdown on sedentary creator accounts, Google announces.

Traditionally, sugar dating connections implicate aged, affluent people, wooing and showering inexperienced companions with souvenirs. As Android Police remarks, there’s no scarcity of applications on the Play Store designed around arranging “sugar daddy” connections. None of them explicitly announce that aged men are determined to pay back youthful women for their admiration, but several accentuate the prosperity of the men in their duties.

Google’s Play Store strategies already prohibit applications that facilitate “services that may be inferred as giving sexual deeds in trade for compensation.” But the updated terminology widens this description to explicitly incorporate “compensated courting or sexual agreements where one party is anticipated or inferred to give cash, bounties or monetary assistance to another party (‘sugar dating’).”

Google’s announcement doesn’t explain why the applications are being prohibited now. But it appears amidst a crackdown on online intercourse work by platforms following the prologue of the FOSTA-SESTA law in the US in 2018, which eliminates Section 230 protections for content that “promotes or facilitates prostitution.”

Beyond the dating application rule changes, the search giant is also initiating a fresh strategy that will see it discontinue creator accounts if they’ve remained inactive for a year. Google announces it will make abnormalities for accounts behind applications with over a thousand installs or with current in-app investments, but if a creator hasn’t uploaded an application or supported into the Google Play Console over 12 months, their account is in danger of omission. In a video summarizing the alteration, Google explains it will inform creators of an upcoming omission 60, 30, and 7 days before it puts up with the place.

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