Google mysteriously erases Magic Eraser!


If you’re the owner of a sparkling new Google Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro, you might like to avoid hitting the Google Photos app update button. According to several users on Reddit, the current update of the app, version 5.67, was incorrectly pushed out by Google and has eliminated the unique Magic Eraser feature.

Don’t worry if you realized the functionality was gone and thought you might have done something incorrectly; it’s simple to fix. Unfortunately, we’ve been informed that this was an early release of the program and that a bug caused the malfunction in this particular version. Still, a corrected version will be available soon.

Not everyone who got the update was affected, which makes this a little more fascinating than it seems. Suppose you were unfortunate enough to receive the app update. In that case, you might uninstall it by going to the Google Photos app properties, tapping the three-dot overflow menu on the top section, and selecting uninstall updates.

Google Photos version 5.66 works as planned and will revert your access to Magic Eraser once you’ve reverted. Other Pixel phones recently received an Android 12 upgrade that wasn’t designed for them, so this isn’t the first time Google has issued a botched update. The next Pixel feature release should hopefully offer some actual beneficial aspects, such as the option to use face unlock on your Pixel 6, and it appears to be arriving soon. Let’s hope for a seamless transition.

The latest Google Camera capabilities are unveiled on the Pixel flagship every fall before being rolled out to other phones. Camera version 8.4 appears to be making its way to earlier Google devices, with changes initially seen on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

When you first launch the camera, Google has added a gear next to the chevron icon to make it more straightforward how swiping down from the top of the screen shows options. Instead of being positioned to the left on the Pixel 4a-5a, it is centered.
“We detected an issue early in the launch of [its] newest Photos upgrade and are issuing a remedy shortly,” Google spokesperson Alex Moriconi told The Verge.

Google also claims that the problem didn’t affect everyone, which we found to be true – two Verge staff members using Pixel 6s stated they didn’t have any Google Photos updates but could still use Magic Eraser. While it appears that the update is no longer being distributed, it’s reasonable that those who received it would be surprised to find Magic Eraser absent – it was one of Google’s primary selling points when the phone was first released a month ago.

Furthermore, the fact that the missing feature was supposed to wipe things adds dramatic irony, as Android Central’s headline “Google magically erases Magic Eraser” mocks. However, given the modest number of posts mentioning the problem, it should not significantly impact you. Nevertheless, if it happens, keep looking out for a Google Photos update; assistance is reportedly on the way.

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