Google Lens App: The Smart Google Lens Upgrade enables the analysis of any image on a mobile device.


It’s a tiny app called Google Lens that has been steadily increasing functionality on Android for years. Google doesn’t make a big issue about it, and you have to actively seek it out to discover that it exists. Once you discover it, you’ll feel like you have a magic wand in your pocket.

At its foundation, Google Lens is essentially a search engine for the real world. It uses artificial intelligence to recognise language and objects in images as well as in a live view from your phone’s camera, and then provides you with a range of engaging ways to learn about and engage with these features.

However, while Lens’s powers to identify flowers, locate a book, or provide information about a landmark are impressive, the system’s more conventional-appearing productivity features are more likely to find a place in your everyday life.

If you haven’t already, download the Google Lens app from the app store on your Android device and prepare to teach it some really useful new talents.

First Google Lens Hint: Steal Text From Real-world Images

The most useful function of Google Lens, and the one I utilise the most, is its ability to extract text from tangible materials, such as papers, books, whiteboards, even suspiciously wordy tattoos on your back, and copy that text to the clipboard of your phone. You can then instantly paste the text into any document, including Google Docs, notes, emails, Slack discussions, and more.

Google Lens App

Simply run the Google Lens application and choose “Search using your camera” from the resulting menu. You can select the precise part of text you desire, as if it were traditional digital text on a webpage, simply aiming your camera at any adjacent text and touching anywhere on the viewfinder.

After clicking the “Copy text” command in the panel at the bottom of the screen, every word will be copied to the system’s clipboard and available for pasting wherever your little heart desires.

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The Second Google Lens Hint is to Text Your Computer From Outside.

Let’s face it, the majority of us do not work exclusively from our Android phones. You can also use this lens to upload text from the real world to your computer.

Follow the same steps as previously, but this time look for the “Copy to computer” option in the panel at the bottom of the screen. This option should be accessible on any device running Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chrome OS as long as you are actively signed into Chrome with the same Google account. And when you tap it, you will see a list of all the accessible sites.

Simply choose the chosen system, and the text from the actual document will appear on that computer’s clipboard, ready to be pasted wherever you desire. On a Mac, Ctrl-V (or Cmd-V) will do the work. It will appear automatically in any text field within an application or process that is compatible.

Google Lens App

Third Google Lens Tip: Listen to Text in the Real World Read Aloud

You may have received a lengthy memo, a printed brief, or a letter from your dear aunt Sally recently. Give your eyes a break while on the move and between meetings by letting Lens read the text for you.

Simply repeat the previous steps of aiming your phone at the paper and selecting “Text” on your device. Select any text you’d like, and then locate the “Listen” option in the panel at the bottom of the screen.

When you push this button with your pinky, the Google Lens application will read aloud the selected text in a soothing voice. Hello, Google While we’re about it, why don’t we read a bedtime story?

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The Fourth Google Lens Tip is to Interact With Image Text.

In addition to real-time content, Lens can extract and analyse text from photographs, including screenshots and your own photos.

The final clause presents some intriguing possibilities. Suppose you recently received an email containing a tracking number, but the tracking number is in a format that prevents it from being copied. (It seems to me that this happens way too often.) Or you may be viewing a website or presentation where the text is not selectable for whatever reason.

So, snap a screenshot by pressing the power and volume-down keys on your phone simultaneously, and then open the Google Lens application. Locate the screenshot on the Lens home screen, tap it, and then pick “Text” at the bottom of the screen. The desired text can then be selected easily. You can then copy the text, send it through email to a computer, or utilise any of Lens’s other cutting-edge features.

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