George Lucas Net Worth: Who Is the Richest Director?


George Lucas is a film director, producer, screenwriter, and entrepreneur from the United States. Lucas is well known for inventing the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises and establishing Lucasfilm, LucasArts, and Industrial Light & Magic. He was the chairman of Lucasfilm when it was sold to The Walt Disney Company in 2012.

Early Life and Career

George Lucas was born and raised in Modesto, California, on May 14, 1944. Initially, he was interested in pursuing a career in racing automobiles. However, his interests moved significantly after being involved in a possibly fatal accident while still in high school. Another motorist rear-ended him.

George Lucas Net Worth

George Lucas’s father had a stationery shop, and he hoped his son would work for the family business after finishing high school. On the other hand, George had his heart set on attending art school, and before he even left his parent’s house, he announced that he would make a million dollars before turning 30.

While attending Modesto Junior College, Lucas developed an interest in photography and filmmaking, which he continues to pursue now. He started using an 8 mm camera to record various things, including racing events.

The Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB short film that he directed in 1967 for his film class was expanded into his first full-length feature picture, THX 1138, which he ran in 1971. He transferred to the University of Southern California, where he developed friendships with fellow filmmaker Steven Spielberg. During his postgraduate studies, he garnered plaudits and was awarded a Warner Brothers student scholarship.

Despite its hostile reception, the project was ultimately successful since it led to the production of American Graffiti, which was nominated for five Academy Awards, made $115 million in revenue alone in the United States, and brought in $140 million internationally. American Graffiti is widely regarded as one of the most financially successful movies ever made, even though it was produced with a budget of under $777,000.

Personal Life

Between 1969 and 1983, George Lucas married the film editor Marcia Lou Griffin, who was later awarded an Academy Award for her first Star Wars picture work. In 1981, they became the parents of Amanda Lucas through the adoption process.

George Lucas Net Worth

Katie Lucas, born in 1988, and Jett Lucas were the two children Lucas adopted when he was a single dad (b. 1993). Each of his children appeared in one of the three prequel films to Star Wars.

During the 1980s, Lucas was also romantically involved with singer Linda Ronstadt. After courting for seven years, Lucas eventually wed Mellody Hobson, the chair of DreamWorks Animation, in 2013. They chose to get married at Skywalker Ranch, which Lucas owns. They are the parents of one daughter, who was delivered by a surrogate in 2013.

Star Wars

The success of his subsequent film, which would cement George Lucas’ status as a Hollywood cinema legend, would make the previous one even more successful. When it was first released in 1977, Star Wars quickly became an international sensation despite having a production budget of only $11 million.

Decades later, when he decided to re-release the film, George Lucas would shell out $15 million to cover the costs of restoring it. In the early 1980s, Star Wars was followed by two more films in the series, both of which extended the franchise’s runaway popularity while also contributing to the expansion of the Star Wars universe.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, George Lucas oversaw the production of a new Star Wars trilogy that focused on events that took place before the events depicted in the original films. After selling the rights to Disney, George Lucas created the most recent sequel trilogy and other offshoot films and television series. The legendary Star Wars film series has generated well over $12 billion in revenue worldwide and still manages to captivate spectators in the present day.

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Other Films and Ventures

Even though he only directed a total of six films, George Lucas was involved in the production, executive production, and writing of several films. The films Body Heat and Labyrinth, The Land Before Time, and the Indiana Jones film trilogy are just a few of his more notable achievements.

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Lucas and the actor who played Han Solo in the Star Wars films, Harrison Ford, teamed together once more for the Indiana Jones movie to create another iconic figure. Steven Spielberg, another Hollywood star, collaborated with him as the film director. The latter is what allowed him to seize once more the imagination of moviegoers with yet another spectacular film franchise. The film’s box office earnings are close to $2 billion.

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Who Is the Richest Director?

  • George Lucas. $10 Billion. …
  • Steven Spielberg. $8 Billion. …
  • Peter Jackson. $1 Billion. …
  • Tyler Perry. $800 Million. …
  • James Cameron. $700 Million. …
  • Michael Bay. $450 Million. …
  • Mel Gibson. $425 Million. …
  • Francis Ford Coppola. $400 Million.


In 2005, the American Film Institute honored George Lucas with their Lifetime Achievement Award. He is up for four Academy Awards, including Best Director for American Graffiti and Best Writing for both Star Wars and the original screenplay for Star Wars. He was presented with the Irving G. Thalberg Award by the Academy in 1991.

George Lucas Net Worth

Because of his many contributions to the American film industry, in 2006, he became only the second person after Steven Spielberg to be inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame for their contributions to film, television, and other forms of media. In 2013, President Barack Obama presented Lucas with the National Medal of Arts for his contributions to the arts. In August of 2015, Lucas was given the honor of being inducted into the Disney Legends, and later that same year, he was recognized at the Kennedy Center Honors.

What is George Lucas’ Net Worth?

According to celebrity net worth, A director, writer, producer, and businessman, George Lucas has accumulated a net worth of $10 billion throughout his career. His most notable contribution was the development of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones film franchises, which together have contributed more than $12 billion to the total revenue of cinemas worldwide. In addition, he established the film production firm Lucasfilm and the visual effects studio known as Industrial Light and Magic.

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