Game Called off As Yankees have Three Confirmed Cases


In this wet and wet summer, it was a rare day. He kept tapping the weather app on his phone and saw only one thing: the sun. only. brilliant. Unambiguous. Unlocked by the cloud, not hindered by raindrops or lightning. Of course, the rest of the weekend looks rough and unbalanced. Paparazzi on the court this summer, but not today. There is only the sun in the sky, in the forecast, this day. All-day long. In the Bronx, the weather forecast at 7:05 pm is sunny, 86 degrees Fahrenheit. It may be a breeze, but no storm clouds are coming.

There was no storm. At 7:05, Domingo Devin was about to throw a baseball in the direction of Kiké Hernández. There was a buzz in Yankee Stadium, the air was full of beer and hot dogs, and there were even Yankees fans. Under the control of an unusually pessimistic mood, it can be felt in the last few weeks that everything will be fine at that moment, because once this wet and wet summer, we will have a perfect baseball game night, and It is the only town. The only one on the entire baseball calendar, this is good, maybe the best, except that it is not perfect after all. Except for 7:05 pm, there are no Yankees on the court, no Red Sox on the court, and no referees. There are no fans in the stands. The door never opened.

The sun was wasted. Once again, even in the bright sunshine, a shadow fell. The game was canceled. See also the Yankees Red Sox postponed due to Yankees’ fear of COVID. Headlines can overwhelm our moments. Earlier in the day, the US basketball team issued a statement stating that Bradley Beal, who is undergoing contact tracing, will not be able to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. Rich Eisen, the double-vaccinated NFL webcaster, announced that he had tested positive. Los Angeles County, the largest county in the United States, said it will restore the mandatory wearing of masks in public places this weekend. Yankees Red Sox, PPD, COVID. Yes, it is. We are still vulnerable, not only to the virus itself but also to the suffocating blow brought about by every piece of news. Our world is getting better with vaccines, at least they seem to reduce the fatality rate of this disease. But he still lingers among us. You can still dim the sun on the brightest day of summer.

The Yankees have three confirmed cases: pitchers Nestor Cortes Jr., Vandy Peralta, and Jonathan Loisiga. They have three daily participants, all of whom are accepting the COVID agreement and waiting for the laboratory results: Aaron Judge, Gio Urshela, Kyle Higashioka. This is not good news, but the most worrying thing is Judge’s name because Judge participated in the Major League Baseball All-Star Game for the first half of this week. If he doesn’t know better, this game is Can participate. complete. It happened in 2019. Full of seats at the Coors Stadium. Caring teammates, everyone can interact freely. Don’t worry about being a mile high in the air.

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