Funny Christmas Gift Pranks: Everything You Need to Know!


Why not have a little fun this holiday season with some well-timed and well-executed Christmas pranks? Christmas is a time to spread joy and goodwill to all men (and women), so why not have a little fun with some well-executed Christmas pranks? Christmas is the perfect time for a prankster to indulge in some good-natured pranking. People are less suspicious and more easily duped during the holiday season, so pulling harmless Christmas pranks can result in hearty laughter.

Caution: Be wary of who you prank, as you do not want to incur the wrath of your manager!

Runaway Gift Christmas Joke

The name of our first prank is “runaway present.” You will require a beautifully decorated box, a heavy-duty roll of string, a car, a “victim,” and two set-up individuals. Wrap a box in festive wrapping paper and a bow. Take your sting and attach it firmly to the box’s bottom. Choose your target and travel to their residence.

Leave the gift on the step, ring the doorbell, and dash back to the car while extending the string attached to the gift. Enter the vehicle while holding the roll of string. When the recipient opens the door and sees the gift, you should wait until they bend over to pick it up. Then, depart your parking spot while dragging the gift behind you. The only downside to vehicular pranks is that you cannot see the reaction of your victim once you have driven away.

Since time immemorial, expanding foam has been utilised as a helpful method for sealing home gaps. This magical superfoam is sprayed on wet, but expands and hardens as it dries. It is the ideal substance for a practical joke that will slow the gift recipient down when “opening” their present. This can be useful for gift cards and smaller items to which you wish to add a whimsical touch. Remember to protect the item you are enclosing within this foam, as it may cause damage to fragile objects.

Also, this may not be the best way for men to present an engagement ring to their significant others. It is completely unromantic and may cause her to believe that if obtaining the engagement ring is this difficult, her future may be littered with other ill-received pranks and comedies. Stick to humorous gifts during the holiday season to get this laugh.

Christmas Joke Played on Children

Christmas pranks can also be played on young children and are a great way to create memorable moments during the holiday season. Find or create Santa’s large black boot-clad legs. Then, secure the legs so that they are dangling from the edge of your roof, preferably in front of a window where children can observe them. Add a tape or have Santa speak into a microphone, then play his distress call… “Ho Ho Help! Help! I’m falling from the roof! Whether your children’s faces light up with joy that Santa has arrived or horror that their roof may be his demise, it will make for a great video opportunity.

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Christmas Practical Joke on Coworkers

If you pull pranks on your coworkers, you will either become the office’s darling or the person that everyone avoids. If you are feeling particularly merry and sassy, the following prank will satisfy your practical joke itch.

Before the prank, bake some delicious Christmas cookies. After they have cooled, place some of them around your toilet seat and take a picture. The following day, bring in your baked goods in a beautiful tin and distribute them throughout the office. After everyone has enjoyed their homemade treats, send them an image of the cookie-lined toilet via email. This is a bit disgusting, but even more so if the toilet cookies are placed in the tin instead of being discarded.

funny christmas gift pranks

If your children have been begging to open a gift before Christmas, this next Christmas prank idea may be just what you need. Take a box and fill it with any number of “bad kid gifts.” Cleaning supplies, old newspapers, canned goods, and your pet’s old blanket and toys are all suitable gag gifts. Wrap it in decorative paper and lots of tape – this will really pique their interest – then set the camera to record and observe your child’s expression change from joy to dismay.

Technically, this is extremely cruel, so you may want to ensure that your child has a sense of humour, or you may end up paying for it with crying tantrums and maybe even one of those heavy supplies hitting you in the head…

Christmas pranks performed in good fun with the right people can brighten the season, but remember that revenge is best served cold…frosty cold. Be wary of the Christmas retribution. You may receive more than a chuckle during the holiday season.

Merry “Joker” Christmas!


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