Froot Face Reveal: Take a Look at Her Real Face, Husband, Net Worth, and More!


Froot Face Reveal: Froot Vtuber is an artist who works for the Americana VShoujo Agency. Has Froot Vtuber Face Reveal Been Done? is a question that people want to know. Read on to find out if Froot Vtuber’s face has been revealed and learn about her husband and net worth.

Has the Face of Froot Vtuber Reveal?

The name Froot is what most people call Apricot the Lich. She is an English woman who uploads videos to YouTube and draws. She made her debut on November 27, 2020. She is a member of the company VShojo’s first generation. She has not shown her face. She has kept her social media accounts private and hasn’t told anyone anything about herself.

Froot Vtuber Real Face

Froot Vtuber has never shown his or her face. She has kept her own business to herself. “A bittersweet Lich who spends her days in her underworld castle drawing art,” it says in her bio.


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She started streaming when she realized she could steal souls from people by making them look like Twitch Subscriptions. She is a hopeless necromancer who wants to own her own Virtual Fashion brand one day.”

Froot Vtuber Face

On social media, Froot VTuber has not shown her face. Her avatar looks like a person, but she has long, pointed ears and four dark horns that are pierced.

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Her teal hair is tangled and goes down to her neck. She has spots of emerald color and long tails in front. When the avatar does magic, the tattoos on its face light up green. She has wings like a bat’s.

Froot Vtuber Husband

Froot VTuber hasn’t said whether she’s married or not. She hasn’t said if she’s with someone or not. Some people say that she is not married.


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It’s possible that she’s seeing someone and isn’t telling the internet about it. She was born on October 22, and she is in the middle of her 20s. She is part of a group called Americana VTuber Agency, which is based in the United States.

Froot Vtuber Net Worth

Froot VTuber hasn’t said how much money she has or if she has more than one way to make money. It is thought that she makes about 167.08 USD every year.

The streaming platform has been her main source of income. She likely makes a lot more than people think, but she hasn’t said how much. She also makes money from advertising and from her Patreon page.


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