Free Season 4: Will There Be a Season 4 of Free?

Free Season 4

Season 3’s ambiguous finale — “see you in 2020…” — has fans asking for more of the swimming-themed anime, and the series creators have agreed. No one could have guessed what the year 2020 would bring, and with manufacturing delays throwing the calendar into disarray, we’ve all been forced to drift around in a state of ambiguity for the past few months.

A loose adaptation of the light novel “High Speed!” by Koji is used in the story of the Iwatobi Swim Club, and a loose adaptation of the film “Free!” is used in the story of the Iwatobi Swim Club.

Free Season 4

Since their early years in the pool, the club’s great team of swimmers, led by the film’s protagonist Haruka Nanase, has proven their ability to compete at the highest level. In response to their sporting successes and failures, the lads’ friendships fluctuate — with the inevitable outcome that their heated rivalry spill over onto the dry ground.

It was a huge phenomenon when the series launched in 2013, and season two was published the following year, further cementing its place as a staple of the sports anime subgenre. Despite the fact that it took four long years before Season 3 of “Free!” premiered in 2018, fans weren’t completely in the dark throughout that time. Beginning in 2015, the show’s co-creators, Kyoto Studios, and Animation Do release a film series based on the show’s characters.

A summary of the past two seasons, as well as some additional precursor information that teased the events of Season 3, were included in this episode. This was echoed in how the 2019 film “Free! Road to the World – the Dream” revisited Season 3 while attempting to leave the waters of the future a little hazy in the process.

What’s the Release Date for Free! Season 4?

The Cinemaholic reports that fans have been anticipating a fourth season of “Free!” since the show’s third season concluded with the promise of more in 2020, and they have been building their hopes ever since. Following the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, according to Keeperfacts, the series’ developers planned for the release of new content to coincide with the event, which would provide an excellent opportunity for the anime’s swimming heroes to compete in their various sports.

However, as was the case with nearly everything else last year, the Olympics were postponed until July 2021 — and the publishing date of “Free!” was therefore postponed to that time period as well.

Kyoto Studios, based in Tokyo, has announced that the first installment of a new two-part film series titled “Free: The Final Stroke” will be released on September 17, 2021, with the second installment set to be released on April 22, 2022. “Free: The Final Stroke” is the title of the first installment. The possibility of the Olympics being postponed or canceled is still a possibility; however, it is impossible to state with certainty whether or not this is the case right now.

Free Season 4

This is where things start to get a little confusing: Although we have received verified movie news, we have not yet received any official confirmation of Season 4’s existence. Although it will be a precursor to season four of the television show, “The Final Stroke” will be a departure from the previous films in the “Free!” franchise.

Could this be because its title suggests that it will deliver the final piece of the swimmers’ saga? Take a look at the people whose stories have yet to be told, even though it is too early to anticipate how things will evolve.

Who Will Be a Part of the Free! Season 4 Cast?

Nobunaga Shimazaki appears to be a lock to reprise his role in the future film, despite the fact that the original protagonist Haruka remains at the core of the story. Daisuke Hirakawa’s teammate Rei Ryugazaki is also still in the running, so it’s conceivable that he’ll make a comeback at some point.

Because Makoto Tachibana has expressed an interest in training professional swimmers, such as his best friend Haruka at the conclusion of the previous season, we can expect him to play a significant role in whatever is to come, and we can also expect voice actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki to return in some capacity. Following his replacement of Hiroko Utsumi in Season 3 and his continued involvement with “Free!” throughout the series’ subsequent film episodes, it is likely that Eisaku Kawanami will return to helm the series’ next film chapter in the future.

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There has been speculation — such as that stated by Herald Journalism — that some new faces will appear in “The Final Stroke” and the fourth season, even though none of these things have been officially acknowledged. Take a look at this list of potential tales for new and returning characters…

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What Exactly Is the Storyline of Free! Season 4?

It does not need to be a gold medalist in clever forecasting to predict where the plot of Season 4 or the film series will take you, thanks to the show’s tie-in to the Tokyo Olympics. We hope that the show’s fourth season will bring Haruka closer to reaching his international objectives and contending for a spot on the Olympic podium, as Season 3 ended with him vowing to continue his swimming career and compete at a global level.

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In the wake of the financial crisis, however, we are not the only ones who are anxious about whether his desire will be able to survive or will be suffocated.

In the last chapter, our protagonists were divided into two groups: one narrative followed those who remained with the Iwatobi high school swim team, while another followed those who had graduated and gone on to compete at the collegiate level.

Free Season 4

However, as anime review channel KANJIC points out, while both of those threads have plenty of room to develop further, delving deeper into character relationships is likely to be a popular option given the fact that some of the show’s most beloved characters, such as breast-stroke champion Nagisa, are now in charge of the high school club.

Assuming everything goes according to plan, the release of “The Final Stroke” in September should make the future of “Free!” crystal obvious, much like the bottom of an Olympic swimming pool in the summer.

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