Fortnite Downtime: When Will the Fortnite Servers Go Available Again?


The Fortnite servers will be taken offline on August 16 for maintenance related to the v21.40 upgrade, which will be significant. Learn when the Fortnite server maintenance will begin and how long it will last below.

During the downtime, players won’t be able to play or access any game content. Epic Games has publicly published the time and warned gamers to complete all in-game tasks before it.

When the servers go back online, the most popular battle royale will launch one of its largest crossover events, Fortnite x Dragon Ball. Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and other fan-favorite characters will be added to the game.

When does today’s Fortnite Downtime begin?

Epic Games has announced that the servers for Fortnite will be shut down on Tuesday, August 16, 2022. The Fortnite server maintenance will begin at 08:00 UTC (04:00 EST/ 01:00 PT/ 03:00 CT/ 09:00 BST/ 13:30 IST).

“Update v21.40 is scheduled to launch on August 16! Downtime begins at 04:00 ET (08:00 UTC), with matchmaking disabled 30 minutes beforehand, as indicated by Epic Games.

This means that players will not be able to start a new game 30 minutes before the aforementioned server maintenance start time. Players will be unable to log in or play a game when the servers are offline.

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How Long Will the Fortnite Servers Be Unavailable During the V21.40 Update?

Epic Games has indicated that the Fortnite servers will be offline for around three hours beginning at 4 AM ET. Historically, Fortnite server downtimes have lasted between two and four hours.

Larger server updates typically require a longer period of downtime. Given that the v21.40 patch will add a substantial amount of new material to the game, the servers may be out for at least three hours this time. In certain instances, the duration of the outage could be prolonged.

Fortnite Downtime

Is Fortnite Currently Down?

Yes, Fortnite servers are now offline due to scheduled maintenance to deploy the v21.40 patch update. The maintenance began at 4 AM ET/1 AM PT/8 AM GMT on August 16, 2022, and will run approximately three hours, citing Epic Games’ notification.

Here you can view the current status of Fortnite’s servers. We will also continue to provide information regarding the action. In the meantime, you can enjoy the memes spreading on social media sites with the hashtag #FortniteDown. You can even participate in the trend till the servers return to service.

When Will the Fortnite Servers Go Available Again?

According to Epic Games, Fortnite servers will be back online at about 11:00 AM UTC (07:00 AM ET/ 04:00 AM PT/ 06:00 AM CT/ 12:00 PM BST/ 04:30 PM IST) (07:00 AM ET/ 04:00 AM PT/ 06:00 AM CT/ 12:00 PM BST/ 04:30 PM IST). This is the typical amount of time that servers are offline when a major patch is released.

However, the downtime could be extended. We will keep you informed if this occurs or if Fortnite releases an update. The extension is currently not anticipated, as Epic Games has already scheduled the fix for August 9, 2022.

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What does the Fortnite v21.40 Update bring?

Fortnite update v21.40 will introduce a great deal of new content to the game. The most significant is the content surrounding the Fortnite x Dragon Ball crossover. The game will have skins for Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and other Dragon Ball characters.

In addition, Fortnite is adding the Minigun as a new weapon. Epic Games commented about the weapon, “Control the battlefield with sheer firepower with this new addition to Battle Royale.”

Cozy Campfire will also be added to Fortnite, allowing players to heal themselves and their teammates. Additionally, you can converse with your friends while staying warm and improving your health. Other than that, standard bug fixes and maintenance are performed.

Here you can learn about all of the fixes in the official patch notes. The most significant fix addresses a bug that was creating resolution issues. Epic has also resolved the issue that caused the user interface to appear stretched.

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