Forge Labs Face Reveal: Take a Look at His Bio, Net Worth, Career, and More!


Forge Labs Face Reveal: Forge Labs is a Canadian YouTuber who plays games. Ne is best known for putting up videos of people playing video games, reviews of video games, and video essays.

Ne posts videos about games like Minecraft (especially Minecraft Hardcore, which is his most popular video series) and Halo. Forge also posts different tutorials, reviews of video games, and video essays.

Who is Forge Labs?

He was born and raised in the Canadian city of Toronto by his parents. Forge is a Canadian citizen and is white. The YouTuber likes to keep private information about his life and keeps it that way. So, no one knows his real name, parents, life partner, address, hobbies, or anything else about him.

Forge Labs Face Reveal

On June 3, 2007, he started his YouTube channel. All of his YouTube videos are about games. Forge’s Minecraft Hardcore series and his Halo gaming videos are his most popular videos. Forge also posts tutorials, reviews, and essays about games, as well as videos. In some of his gaming videos, he has made maps that are specific to a challenge.

On his Patreon account, he talks about the custom maps and shows how to use them. Destructible Door was Forge’s first video on his channel (FORGE SCHOOL PREVIEW). He also plays a variety of games and accepts hard challenges. The most watched videos on Forge are about Minecraft and RLCraft. He also played a lot of scary virtual reality games.

Forge Labs Face Reveal

Forge doesn’t need his face to be made public because he’s already put a lot of pictures of himself on the internet. But in his videos, the YouTuber doesn’t show his face. Forge hides part of his face in every video he makes.

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The Canadian YouTuber and content creator posts reviews of games, gameplay videos, videos about virtual games, and video essays. Forge joined the platform in 2007, and his self-titled channel is mostly filled with videos about games.

Forge Labs Girlfriend

The YouTuber has a dog named Dasha, and he has posted pictures of him on Twitter and other sites. Forge doesn’t want people to know too much about his life.

So, there is no information about who he might be with. But Forge has posted three videos with his girlfriend in which she plays scary VR games and Sean records how she reacts to them.

Forge Labs YouTube

On June 3, 2007, he started his YouTube channel. All of the content on Forge is about games. The YouTuber has posted a total of 74 Halo Season 1 videos and 52 Halo Season 2 videos. Also, Forge has put up videos that teach you how to play Halo.

The YouTuber makes custom maps for certain challenges in some of his videos. He also gets help from Patreon to make these maps. Forge thought that Patreon would be a great way to give people access to these maps. The channel has 5.04 million subscribers as of 2022.

Forge Labs Net Worth

He is a Canadian YouTuber who makes videos about video games. His estimated net worth is $2,946,184. He has a Patreon account with two membersnip plans that cost $5 and $15 and include things like Discord perks, live streams, and more.

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YouTube gave Forge a silver play button and a gold play button when he reached a certain number of subscribers. The YouTuber has a clothing line and sells a wide variety of items.


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