Five Exciting Technology Advancements Making the Major League Baseball Better


Baseball is one of the most exciting sports in the world, and it continues to give us great talking points and memorable moments. Every season, we get ready for the World Series to enjoy incredible action, and we can’t wait for the World Series 2022 to give us another enjoyable championship event. 


Even though the sport has always been exhilarating, the introduction of technology has made the sport even better than it has always been. We now have a better and improved viewing experience together with fairer games and more competition. So, you can expect the league only to get better.


Technological advancements are undoubtedly significant in the MLB, and we keep getting more tech innovations to help make the sport better. Over the years, we’ve had many advancements, and in that case, below is a highlight of some of the most significant technology advancements making the MLB better. 

Virtual Reality

The emergence of virtual reality has brought about more exciting ways to view games live. You can be anywhere and make it like you’re on the pitch with the players. The new virtual reality technology lets you push the boundaries and barriers of location and enjoy the view even better than you watch in the stadium. 


You can follow the teams into the game and enjoy all the actions from wherever you are, and you don’t have to endure the pain of visiting the stadium and shuffling through many people. Virtual reality brings a whole new experience to view the league and its games. It is an impactful technology making MLB better. 


Although it has been around since 2006, PitchF/x remains one of the most exciting innovations to be introduced to MLB. The technology was produced by Sportvision and installed in every MLB stadium that same year. PitchF/x is a tracking system that monitors velocity, release point, spin, pitch location for each one thrown in the league, and the movement. 


With this system, fans and coaches can analyze pitches and pitchers at a very detailed level. It provides a torrent of data you can use to improve your analysis. You can get information about everything on any pitcher. It is a great way to start researching when you want to place bets. 

Implementation of Protective Helmets Pitchers

Over the years, being a pitcher on the Baseball field has proven to be one hell of a dangerous activity. The league has been looking for ways to ensure that they present safety to the pitchers and keep them safe from harm. One of the latest innovations to tackle this danger is the most recent hat design introduced. 


The hat is more like a visor than a helmet. The headgear was given a thumbs-up after it went through a series of testing processes. However, there has been some reservation because of how it looks, and some pitchers might not want to adopt it. So, we might be looking for an improved, more fashionable version. 

Instant Replay

The introduction of the MLB instant replay system has been an incredible success. It has made its way around the league since its inauguration in 2014. The system allows managers to have one challenge per game. If they get the first challenge right, they will be rewarded with another one, making the game fairer.


Although there have reservations about the introduction of instant replay, we can all agree that the game is better without it. Instant replay reduces the number of bad calls throughout the games, and you can always expect the referee to be careful with their calls during the game. 


Finally, on our list is StatCast, developed by MLB AM is one of the most innovative ideas to become part of the MLB. The tracking system offers one of the best video technology solutions for the sport. You can see that it is one for the ages, and it makes life easier for spectators to understand the sport better. 


StatCast is a fantastic invention; you can count on it for data because it collects data through high-resolution optical cameras with radar equipment installed in all the Major League ballparks. The system tracks the movement and location of the ball and each player on the field at every point during the match. It offers the best way to explore everything that happens on the pitch.




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