Father of the Bride 2 Cast’ Plot and Introducton of the Movie

Father of the Bride 2 Cast

The comedy film Father of the Bride Part II was released in the United States in 1995 and stars Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Diane Keaton. It is both a sequel to the film Father of the Bride as well as a remake of the film Father’s Little Dividend, which was released in 1951 and was the sequel to the film Father of the Bride, which was released in 1950.

Plot and Introduction of Story

The movie starts four years after the first one ended, with George Banks telling the audience that he is ready for his house to be empty now that his kids are all grown up. Annie tells her family soon after that she is pregnant. George starts to feel a little scared and says he’s too young to be a grandfather. He has his assistant make a list of people who are older than him, dyes his hair brown, and decides that he and Nina should sell the house where their children have grown up if anything else goes wrong with it.

After two weeks, termites attack the house. George puts the house on the market and sells it to the Habibs without telling Nina. After a discussion about whether or not the baby’s last name will have a hyphen or not, George tells everyone at dinner that the house has been sold.

Nina is furious because she and George have to leave their apartment in 10 days but have nowhere to go. The Banks live in the big house that Bryan’s parents own. While the MacKenzies are on a cruise in the Caribbean, the Banks have to take care of their mean Dobermans, which upsets George, who is still afraid of them after a bad experience with them in the past.

Nina starts to have symptoms that make her worry about menopause. The next day, when they go to the doctor, they get the opposite news: Nina is also pregnant.

Father of the Bride 2 Cast

After Nina’s pregnancy news comes as a surprise, they meet Franck, Annie’s old wedding planner, who is thrilled that both women are pregnant. George has changed his mind and now thinks he is too old to have kids again.

When he and Nina go to Annie and Bryan’s house to tell them the news, his feelings come to a head. Nina points out how rude he is and tells him not to come home.

As a way to say sorry, George hires Franck to plan the baby shower. As Nina and George drive home, they have different ideas about what it will be like to have another child. Both of them say it will be strange, but they start to look forward to the change.

George goes for a walk and sees that the street to their old house is blocked off. He also sees a demolition crew with a wrecking ball at the house and finds out that Mr. Habib plans to tear it down. George comes in, upset, just as the wrecking ball is about to hit the house. He tries to stop them.

He begs Mr. Habib not to tear down the house because it has a lot of sentimental value and he is going to be a father again. He knows that if he has another child, he wants to raise him or her in the same house that his parents and grandparents did.

Habib agrees to sell the house back to George, but only if George pays him $100,000 up front. He doesn’t want to pay that money, but he does. The Banks then move back into their house just as Bryan is called to an emergency meeting in Japan.

While this is going on, Nina and Annie are both pregnant at the same time and need care around the clock from George. When his father George has to go to work, Matty takes care of things. Franck changes Nina and George’s new baby’s nursery from a simple redecoration to a full-scale renovation/addition that he lovingly calls “the baby’s suite.” George wears out in the end from all the stress and lack of sleep.

When “the baby’s suite” is revealed, Franck gives George some sleeping pills from his home country called “Vatsnik” after George tells him he hasn’t been getting enough sleep. George takes too much of his medicine by accident and passes out during dinner. The family starts to worry, which only gets worse when Annie finally gives birth.

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Franck takes over driving the family and a barely conscious George to the hospital. George finally wakes up after being mistaken for a patient who needed a prostate exam. He goes to see Nina when she goes into labor.

At first, George doesn’t trust the female obstetrician who fills in when their own doctor isn’t available. Even though George wants his grandchild to be born by the same doctor who delivered his children, he agrees to the plan. Bryan will soon go back to be with Annie. At the same time, Nina will give birth to a baby girl, and they will both name their babies George and Megan. “Life doesn’t get any better than this,” George says as he holds his grandson and daughter in his arms. This is the best line in the movie. George’s story about Nina and Annie’s pregnancies comes to an end. Annie gets a job in Boston, so Bryan and Annie move there with baby George.

Father of the Bride 2 Cast

At the end of the movie, George and Megan stand on the road in front of George’s house and look at it. As he finishes the story, he starts walking up the driveway and tells Megan about all the basketball tricks George will teach her.

Cast of Father of the Bride 2

  • George Stanley Banks is played by Steve Martin.
  • Diane Keaton plays Nina Banks, who was born Dickerson.
  • Kimberly Williams as Annie Banks-MacKenzie
  • George Newbern as Bryan MacKenzie
  • Matthew “Matty” Banks, played by Kieran Culkin
  • Franck Eggelhoffer, played by Martin Short
  • Eugene Levy as Mr. Habib
  • B.D. Wong as Howard Weinstein
  • Jane Adams as Dr. Megan Eisenberg
  • Peter Michael Goetz as John MacKenzie
  • Kate McGregor-Stewart as Joanna MacKenzie
  • Dr. Brooks, played by Jay Wolpert
  • Susan Beaubian played Nurse Diana Blackwell, who was called Annie’s Nurse on the credits.
  • As a nurse, Roxanne Beckford Suzanne Jones

Critical response towards Father of the Bride 2

Based on 23 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has a rating of 5.7/10, which means that 52% of people liked it. Based on the reviews of 16 critics, the film has a weighted average score of 49 out of 100 on Metacritic. This means that the reviews are “mixed or average.” CinemaScore asked people who saw the movie and found that most of them gave it a “A-” on a scale from A+ to F.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times said, “Father of the Bride Part II is not a great movie, and it’s not even as good as the original from 1991. But it’s warm and fuzzy and funny and sweet.”

Sequel of Father of the Bride 2

In 1996, Meyers confirmed that she and Shyer were planning a third book in the Father of the Bride series. In it, “their characters would face serious problems in their relationship, but they would end up with a stronger bond than ever,” she said. However, the book never came out. In 2014, there were rumors about a Father of the Bride 3 with a gay marriage theme.

Father of the Bride 2 Cast

It was said that Shyer would direct it again, and it would be about 29-year-old Matty Banks after he announces his engagement to the son of a US Navy Seal. Steve Martin denied the rumors on his social media accounts, saying that he had neither seen the script nor been offered the part.

On September 25, 2020, a mini-sequel called Father of the Bride Part 3(ish) came out on Netflix’s official YouTube channel and Facebook. It was directed by Nancy Meyers and featured most of the original cast from the first two movies. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the short film was also used to raise money for the World Central Kitchen.

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