Face Movement App Download: Download the Singing Face & Photo App Apk (Android) and See Your Face Dance!

Videos and GIFs are social media favourites. The ease with which you may add movement and filter effects to your photos has contributed to the proliferation of animated images on the Internet. Today, it is more difficult to view a still photograph online.

So what if you want to give a static scene motion by animating a still image? I assume there is an app for that. There are, in fact, numerous applications for that. Here are the best iPhone and Android picture animation applications.


Motionleap is the first app on our list for good reason. With over 300,000 reviews and a nearly four-star average rating on the Play Store, this app is among the most highly rated.

Although Motionleap offers a Pro and subscription version, it is free to use. It does not apply a watermark to your photograph when you download it to your phone, unlike many other photo animators.

The program’s primary job is to animate still images and convert them into brief looping films. You can encode directional indicators into a picture by dragging your thumb across the display. To add atmosphere to an image, you can freeze particular areas of it and then apply filters on top.

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Werble has a similar purpose to Motionleap. As its primary function, your photographs will be animated, and while the basic account is free, in-app purchases are also supported. The majority of Werble’s animations are generated by applying picture filter effects.

Face Movement App Download

Werble has the advantage of saving these photographs immediately as GIFs, making them acceptable for usage on the internet. The adverse? To remove the watermark put to your photos, you must pay a charge. Clearly, this watermark is large enough to be annoying.


GIPHY is the most popular GIF search engine on the Internet. GIPHY is a mobile app that serves as the go-to resource for reaction memes for any topic imaginable. Using it, you may animate images and create your own GIFs. You can submit them using the platform’s inbuilt animation features.

We appreciate GIPHY for its simple and intuitive interface. It allows users to generate stickers (available on iPhone X and later), create their own short films, and add captions to animated images. Try GIPHY today; you will not be disappointed.

ImgPlay is another software for animating images. Think of it as a cross between Werble and Motionleap. It features advanced, user-friendly controls and produces web-ready animated images. Unfortunately, it also adds a watermark, which you cannot remove without paying to a premium membership. Creating animated photos and GIFs using ImgPlay may be done in multiple ways. Videos, burst images, and still photographs can be juxtaposed.

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While both Movepic and Motionleap use movement to improve photographs, Movepic’s built-in overlays and filters can accomplish the majority of this motion.

Unless you subscribe to a VIP membership, it is impossible to remove the watermark. In addition, Movepic automatically stores your photographs as video files as opposed to GIFs. Despite this, it remains worthwhile to visit.

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