Extraction 2 Release Date Speculation, Plot, and Cast Have Been Officially Renewed, and Here’s What We Know So Far!


Extraction, which is one of Netflix’s most popular movies, will get a sequel in 2023. Chris Hemsworth will be back to play Tyler Rake once again. Here’s what we know so far about Netflix’s Extraction 2.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a sequel is being made to one of Netflix’s most popular original movies. Over 99 million homes watched the movie online, making it more popular than movies like Bird Box, Murder Mystery, and 6 Underground.

Sam Hargrave is back to direct the sequel, and the Russo Brothers, who are also the film’s executive producers, are also back to work on it. But only Joe Russo is listed as the story’s author.

Before we talk about what we know about Extraction 2, let’s start with the teaser trailer that came out at Tudum 2021.

How Far Along is the Making of Extraction 2?

Extraction 2 was supposed to start filming in Sydney, Australia, but because of Covid’s rules, the filming had to move to Prague, Czech Republic. On his Instagram account, Chris Hemsworth also confirmed that filming would start in late November 2021.

As of March 19, 2022, the movie Extraction had finished filming and was in the post-production stage. Netflix showed some amazing behind-the-scenes footage of Extraction 2 at their most recent TUDUM event on September 24.

Later, it came out that some of the movie was reshot in Prague. The Prague Reporter says, “[Extraction 2] returned to the Czech capital earlier this month [November 2022] for reshoots on the project, which were finished over the weekend after a short weeks-long shoot.”

When Will Extraction 2 Come to Netflix?

We found out that there would be a second Extraction movie in September 2021 when Netflix released a very short teaser trailer made mostly of clips from the end of the first movie.

Extraction 2 Release Date

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At the end, it confirms that there will be an Extraction 2, but it doesn’t say when it will come out or when. Collider said in the middle of 2022, though, that the movie shouldn’t come out until 2023, since filming was done in April 2022.

What is the Plot of Extraction 2?

Tyler Rake is back from his mission in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where he was badly hurt and almost died. His team is ready for their next mission.

Tyler is sent to one of the most dangerous prisons in the world to save a family held captive by a Georgian gangster. But when things get heated during the extraction and the gangster dies in the fight, his brother, who is just as cruel, follows Rake and his team to Sydney to get revenge.

Who’s In The Cast of Extraction 2?

It’s not a big surprise that Netflix has asked Chris Hemsworth to play Tyler Rake again. He was an important part of why the first movie did so well.

Who else is in Extraction 2, though? Let’s look at the list of actors:

Extraction 2 Release Date

Rayna Campbell, who was part of Nik’s crew in Extraction and played a radio technician, has been chosen to play Ruthie. It’s great that Netflix is bringing back some of the original actors for the sequel. Especially young actor Adam Bessa, who became famous in the great war movie Mosul.

Extraction 2 looks like it will be bigger and better in every way than the first movie. Netflix is pulling out all the stops to make this sequel a hit. It has a star-studded cast and a great team behind the scenes.

Extraction 2 First Look

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